I cannot believe some of the Eels recruitment purchase. Hodgson is over the hill and is obviously causing lack of harmony by his style. Doorey has previous injuries that were bound to happen as is Hodgson. Murchie is average, Makaslower is average, Blake is below average, Simonsen is below average, Skidrow (Sivo) is average, Matto loves his money and the only decent purchase has been Hopgood. To much reliance on RCG and Paulo combined with extremely poor recruitment. They have to stop watching 'Moneyball' and purchase some decent players or the Eels will be waiting another 36 years for a premiership. 

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            • So you obviously believe everything that other people tell you about Flannagan? That's odd. If what Flannagan did ( which I highly doubt) he would never ever have been allowed near a football stadium let alone assistant coach at Manly. My avatar or my reasons for choosing my avatar has absolutely nothing to do with Flannagan or this topic. It's just your attempt to 'side track' / 'divert' the real truth about Flanagan. Nice try Sherlock. Strange how they never took the premiership title off the Sharks considering all this supposed terrible misdeeds by Flannagan as they did the Melbourne Storm. Doesn't that make you wonder if all the allegations were true.

              • You can't be serious. Never was there more proof you're just a troll who needs to be kicked off the site. BE has calmly explained exactly what happened and you still come up with that reply of total ignorance. 

                • Seriously Brissy. Asking for a fellow contributor to be banned a week after your return.

                  This site was peaceful without you on here the last few months then you return with your blinkers still seen on  - seems to me we all know who the trouble maker is and it ain't Trooper.

                  • Bingo!

                  • That's a load of crap, Frank I saw a tonne of blow ups, so get your facts straight for once and don't make up shit.

                    You're now condoning PT47's comments when Bluey clearly stated the facts and he came up with a totally ridiculous reply. Wake up mate, that's ridiculous.

                    Go have a look at PT's last 100 posts and tell me if you can find 3 that make any sense at all and aren't either stupidity or trolling people. Bet you can't. Is that really what you want to be reading on the site?

                    • Mate not condoning anyone's comments but facts are that since you returned this site has seen a marked increase in arguments.

                      Ask anyone including some of most straight up and down contributors like Mutts, HOE or NOS.

                      You love drama and it follows you mate.

                      Like I said much of the off season saw no dust ups or calls for banning - you're a back a week and here you are calling for another member to be banned. 

                    • What arguments have I been in Frank? I don't accept that at all and your comment about a marked increase is total BS. Fact is you're now starting an argument by stating lies.

                      The off season had a tonne of arguments, you're plain wrong or just ignorant to facts. I saw blokes suspended, disgusting commentary from the likes of Bert, Snake and the usual cohort. Hell, I even saw BEM say to a bloke he'd "like to meet him so he could gut him like a fish, c@#t".

                      Get your facts right mate.


                    • I'm on here everyday and only saw people getting banned or called out for posting on politically sensitive topics and I saw one blog deleted for calling you out - that's fair enough.

                      But overall the drama markedly dropped off in your absence. I agree the sites traffic dropped off so that's the reason youve been accepted back - I can only assume that you're arguments increase the sites traffic which the mods and owners like 

                    • Well you missed a lot, because I saw far more than that by logging on every few days!!! I've ignored so much since being back because it ain't worth discussing, the stupidity speaks for itself, or sometimes Pops and others call it out anyway so there's nothing more to say. But I get involved here by questioning the response of PT after Bluey so eloquently explained in great detail just how wrong he was and you jump down my throat and made shit up whilst doing it. 

This reply was deleted.

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