Realists vs Unicorns Game 2 who wins ?

  1. Game II

1EE Unicorns v Realists,  Ringrose Park, Sunday 3pm

Referees - Muttman. Amanda

Touch judges  - Carlo, Pepe silva 

Video Ref  -  Timmy's Hairy Eyebrows

Manager- Sluggo

Unicorns ◇   3284878703?profile=RESIZE_180x1801.     Poppa ( Mr $ports bet sure thing)
2.     Mack
3.     Sir super eel 
4.     Brett Allan
5.     BRISSY EEL (CEO)           
6.     Chocolate frog.
7      PauPau Escobar   (c)    ( waterboy)
8.     SIXTIES BOY    (TCT) Captain
9.     AAE
11.   Miatch                    (TCT) 
12.   Sir Col Mudhroom

13    EMBERS ( orange peeler )

14.    Shelly                     (TCT)

15.    TinTin

16.    Mitchy

17     Dr Wong


Coach -Brad Arthur &  Phil 

Ba's son  - Waterboy 

Gurr - CEO

Chairman - Max Donnelly 

Tad - jersey designs 

Realists ♧   3284879353?profile=RESIZE_180x1801.    Fong (c) ( CEO)
2.    Vince
3.    Jamesy
4.    Bazza 
5.    Khags
6.    Chief
7.    Snake (c)
8.    Alan smooth Figs (vc)
9.    Mick
10   Frank the Tank 
11.  Avenger  
12.  Bert the Natural 
13.  Kramer


14.  Mammojo

15.  Wizard

16.  Monsiur Eel  

17.  GRUNTA.  (VC)

18.   Mullet

19.   Miiek

20.   DaRock

21    Hector 


Coach - Brian Smith / Sluggo

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  • You put ME in the Unicorns?????????????????????

    You must be auditioning for The Bush Coach title.

    Now I know why people say you have NFI about footy.

    • Really knows his players ....

    • Penalty. 
      Col is clearly offside and definitely wearing the wrong jersey. Nice try Col. Get back over with your real team. 

      • Mate - when it comes to stating the real situation with our Bush Coach I am now making the Fong look mlike a powder puff.

        We have some good players who are putting in but as for thinking this team, under this coach can do better than 5th this year I have been screaming the loudest - and getting flogged for my views.

        My Unicorn died of old age waiting for *NEXT YEAR*sigh* to happen.

  • So I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to the Selection Committe for tasking me with the oramge peeling, I'd like to think I could multi task with making the Gatorade, potentially organising the pre-game caffeine tabs just before run out too....a great great honour I won't let the jersey down.  

  • I was a centre, not a winger, although these days a 5 minute prop rotation would be more suitable... I also think Brett would do a Waqa and not get me the ball anyway.

  • I like the unicorns bench, they can do a lot of damage.

  • Run at me Brissy lol

  • As a realist myself I think the unicorns will win.

  • Chief I was a 5/8 back in the day I dont mind sharing the dummy half duties for a few sets! Ha



This reply was deleted.

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