• Would hate for this to happen as RCG is one of my favourite players. I wanted him at Parra for ages and was ecstatic when we signed him.

    He would be a massive loss for us.

    In saying that, Rodwell looks to be he closest thing we have to RCG. If he can play alongside RCG for most of next season we will have a ready made replacement at a third of the price.

  • RCG will be a huge loss for us but on a brighter note we will be able to use some of his money to upgrade Niukore, Papalii and Mahoney for 2023 and beyond, these are all young players and the future of our club. 

  • Paper talk is he is definitely going but having read the article it appears his manager says he is not taking up the option to accept all offers including the possibility of the eels again ie wanting more money.  But I'd say he's gone 

    • Yes, this could actually work in the clubs favour,  the offers he gets from other clubs might not be as much as the current final year deal he has at the eels, we might be able to keep him for less.

  • Dylan Edwards has been approached to join Dolphin's too. Upgrading  in the process out West. Warmer weather near the beaches must have lots of appeal especially after this winter.  I wonder if coach extention had a bearing on RCG choice?

    • Coach extension is what I was thinking. I don't like how he and his manager brang this up now. In all seriousness next year is our last chance to win the comp. if we don't then I don't see us Winning one in a long time. 

      • Has nothing to do with coach extension. He's bringing it up now because he had till Nov 1 to exercise his option. 
        No conspiracy here. 
        And next year is NOT our last chance to win a premiership. For crying out loud. 

        • Your right. But man it's been too long we just wanna win a comp I'm sick of getting laughed at 

        • VT.  I actually wonder if next season is the last one that he gets top up money from the Riff? He was on a very hefty contract out there when he came to the eels, and the contract he signed here, has two options clauses, PO for 2023 & CO for 2024, have not seen that before with two options and difference in them.

          Basically I would suggest he wants to cement the final 2 seasons and perhaps a 3rd as his final years. He has not had the injury concerns as much as the big one he got at the Riff, but with his time out this year it likely reveals that he does have problems, and something Beany will know and it means some hard dealings by him in recruitments.

          By not taking the options course, he is possibly in an entrapment situation.

  • The ability to play under Benny is going to be a great draw card for most players. Add the Brisbane weather etc..

    Its not going to be about money. Most will probably go to the Dolphins for unders. 

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