• Yeah I know but they also signed Corey Allen and Dufty to play fullback. They can't all play fullback. I bet JAC will be on the wing when the team is named for round 1.

                    • Was thinking along the same line. Allen wanted fullback and went to the dogs knowing a year later JAC would be playing fullback. Then Dufty who's a B grade fullback at best and can't play anywhere else signs with them. It just doesn't make sense, maybe they are promising things just to get the signatures?

                      Woods will be starting fullback for the dogs.

                    • I think they are making promises they can't keep, yes.

                      They promised Cotric a centre position then moved him to the wing after 4 games. Now he is leaving to come to us? Maybe.

                      Barrett is a massive flip flopper with positions too. One week he backs you to play halfback, the next week you are in reserve grade, the next week on the bench, then back in the starting side, then back in reserve grade. The guy has no long term vision at all. He is purely reactionary and I don't think he will last long term.

                    • Seems to be a good assistant coach like Taylor. Not mentally strong enough to be a headcoach.

                    • Papali'i will replace Nuikore in a heartbeat.

                      This isn't thee old Parramatta Eels we don't beg or over pay for anyone.

                      You just have to accept we have a value on a certain position and if others want to over pay for it for the most part they will get there man.

                      We move on and look for another solution.

                    • Papalii is also off contract and will surely field big offers from the Warriors and the Dolphins.

                    • Personally, I'd prefer we keep both Papa and Simba!

                      As long as neither wants silly money, we should do everything to get both deals done.

      • Yet, but they'll get there if given the chance

  • I have mixed feelings on this one RCG is probably our most expensive forward and also our most important one so to loose him will hurt.

    That being said that money freed up will give us the chance to secure other players 

  • Be a financial thing. Good opportunity to get a big payday for what could be one of his last contracts with the dolphins in an area with cheaper housing. Alternatively could get a bit more out of Parra. 

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