• Ella is indigenous , he works in indigenous health these days. I've met Zip Zip a few times post his footy career through a mutual associate . He's a nice guy. 

                    I think he's still faster than most of our squad. There were at least 3 super quick indigenous lads available this year that can play good and BA wasn't interested in any of them. But he did manage to get rid of two . How will we show up for indigenous round ?  Maybe we can go blackface ? 

                    • Agree Wiz, I met Steve Ella many years ago for a gym opening promotion, he was the known talent in the photo shoot, I was the model (lol if they could see me now) anyway, he is such a lovely man, really nice guy. 

            • Yes, but Melbourne don't overpay to keep those guys, and don't estimate the toughness of Junior. You listen to most players and they'll tell you he's a nightmare to tackle. 

              • Melbourne don't pay market value for anyone , apparently......  price is irrelevant, we need to do,it to win a comp. so we have to make it work. Teams don't win comps without having experienced imports in their ranks for the young blokes to learn off somewhere alone the line. Our slow as fuck development is proof of that. 

                • The Panthers just won a title without any high priced imports. 
                  BTW, development is always slow. 

                  • Not true.

                    They poached Kikau from Cowboys, Korosau from Manly, Capewell from Sharks, Pangai from Broncos.

                    Sure they don't have as many recruits as other clubs but they still do it to patch up important gaps.

                    If they didn't nab Korosau or Kikau there is no way they land their premiership.

                    • Kikau did come from Cowboys before he made a name for himself. Api was let go by Gould from Panthers at Ivan's last stint.  Manly didn't want him and Cleary was happy to have Api return. Sorensen and Capewell were unwanted at Sharks. Both careers sky rocketed since joining Pennies. Homesick Capewell is the buy off the century for Broncos. Pangai was at the right place and time with nothing to do till next year. What a player sad to see them go. 

                    • korisou was at souths first


          • Yeah Brett, "like Luke Bailey 4 Titans or Glen Lazrus 4 storm?

            Or what Dallas Weston and Ray Strudwick did 4 Parra?

  • Getting tired of these rumours already. 

This reply was deleted.

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