• Yes they have, but they've also added 30 players to the potential pool. 

        • They've added 30 roster spots but they've added 0 new players.

          Those players already existed in QRL, Superleague, Union and the other 16 teams.

  • We have some good juniors coming through which is what we have all wanted for a long time. RCG is awesome but if he leaves another Parra junior will get his shot. I would much rather we keep Paulo, He is not a Blues Prop for no reason and he is a Parra junior so much so that it is his first name.

    • Why not both?

      Both are extremely important to our success. They are like yin and yang - aggression in RCG and guile in Paulo. They compliment each other.

      • Middle forwards are the easiest to develop. Yes we will miss RCG in the short term, but it will give Kaufusi the opportunity to be a starter. 
        You just can't get emotional about this. Instead of seeing it as a loss, see it as an opportunity. 
        Next man up. 

        • Oh man. Kaufusi to replace RCG? Seriously?

          Of course it is an opportunity for someone, but that doesn't mean Parra will be higher on the ladder.

          Gee I wish I had your confidence, but I am a realist and the roster moves look all negative to me. The replacements need to be as good or better, and so far we don't have replacements, and the younger guys we have are worse.

          In fact they are so far worse it is not even worth comparing them.

          • Yeah I agree with you there, I don't see Kaufusi as a RCG replacement. That said, Makatoa, Rodwell and Greig have shown glimpses and they need a really solid pre-season to get a lot fitter. The thing a lot of people are missing in all this is the lack of footy these blokes have had for 2 years with NSW Cup closed down. Hopefully it is up and going again in 2022 and that will make a world of difference to the fringe players trying to push for NRL spots.

            It ain't all doom and gloom, there's plenty of good signs.

            • Ky Rodwell is the guy that I feel shows enough promise to one day become an enforcer.

          • Middle forwards need to be constantly developed and turned over. It's a constantly evolving process. Oggie doesn't have to be as good individually as RCG, he just has to do his job within the larger rotation. Let's remember we still have RCG for '22, that gives Oggie another year of development before he becomes a starter. 
            Next year we'll still have Junior, RCG, Brown, Niukore, Lane, Kaufusi, Stone, Makatoa, Hollis, Greig, Hipgrave, Rodwell, Papa, Matterson & Carty as possible middles. 
            There is nothing wrong with that rotation at all. 

    • We have no one even close to the calibre of RCG coming through the ranks!

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