• I know that Brissy, i am saying it was brought up at TCT a few months ago about Niukore leaving and they said with Arthur there Niukore will never leave, i always thought it is not the case that is all i was saying and it shows with players leaving, RGC they would want to keep but he has put it out of there hands.

        Don't give me this there's a salary cap thing as im not that dumb, my comment was sarcastic Brissy

        • All good, 

        • I can't speak for TCT, but the point those of us were making was that uncertainty around the coach destabilises the entire club. Players will work with any coach, no one said that keeping BA guaranteed we wouldn't lose any players, merely that it send a clear message to all players about the clubs direction. Of course we'll lose players under BA, every coach loses players, the fact that our players are in increasing demand is actually a reflection of BA's coaching. 

          • We need to attract better players than we lose though or we start to regress.

            Will Smith gone no replacement. Lussick gone no replacement. Fergo gone no replacement. Now they are speaking of RCG and Niukore going. We need to stop this bleeding.

            • Did you think Carty and Papali'i were better than what we lost when we recruited them? You realise RCG and Marata are maybe losses for 2023 and there'll be a tonne of players on the market and a whole heap of player movements with the Dolphins coming in. Just relax and let the powers that be do their job. TBH Smith and Lussick were back ups, nothing more, and Fergo was on his last legs. You're making out like we're losing 3 immortals.


              • Brissy I just want realistic replacements and so far we are signing no one.

                Peachey would have been an ideal replacement for Smith but he signed for the Tigers. Who next?

                Who replaced Fergo? So far we are chasing a contracted Cotric to replace him which relies on the dogs helping us out. Is this realistic?

                Who replaces Lussick? No one?

                • I would have liked Peachey too, but his problem is he is too versatile, yes a perfect 14, but is that what he really wants to play? And how much do you pay someone like that, I don't know what he got, but probably more than we were comfortable with for a utility. Ideally your utility is a Will Smith on minimum coin, but he has got a couple of year deal so good luck to him at the back end of his career.

                  Yeah we may get Cotric, we may get a few others, we have to make some signings to replace those going as I can't see how we will develop from within given the number of youngsters we already have in the squad. We will just wait and see what happens.

                  For your comment below, plenty on here bagged the Cartwright signing as the ususal "BA moneyball" and not too many were excited about Papali'i either.

              • Cartwright was replacing Davey - so yes he was better.

                Papalii was replacing Evans - and again yes he was far better.

            • We need to develop better players.

              RCG revitalised his career here

              Nuikore realised his career here basically grabbed by BA under the Warriors nose.

              Smith can be replaced it opens it up for Cartwright.

              Lussick can be replaced by a combination or Roache possibly Rein or Stone at a pinch.

              Its not all as bad as it sounds.This is just the let's worry part of thee off season because the club hasn't unveiled its plan going foward yet.


              • Sorry but Stone should never be played at hooker again after his efforts in the final against Penref. 

                To be honest I don't have a place for him in my 17 or probably even 20.

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