• Paulo had a pretty meh season . RCG added starch. Something we have lacked for decades. 

      • Both RCG and Paulo are vital to our success IMO.

        It was no coincidence we wilted without RCG in the games he was injured.

        Paulo is equally as important for dominating the middle, generating second phase play, fast play the balls etc. He has a different skill set to RCG but they are both super important.

        Paulo was immense in the finals games same as RCG.

        • Was going to post this exact point this morning but got tied up so to speak.  It says it all that our flat spot towards the end of the season was when RCG was out.  He came back, we competed.  He is the heart and soul and main driving force of this forward pack.  He is a metre eater and lifts the team with aggression in his defence.

          • He is our enforcer in the middle. He is the bully that the other team fears running into. Every team needs a hard man that scares the other team. RCG is that guy for us. If we lose him we need a new one.

            • So we develop one. Let's remember we still have Nathan Brown, and Nakatoa has shown he can deal, so can Ray Stone. We don't lack for hard men. 

              • I'm hard right now - just at that thought...

  • For a team that prides itself on its forward pack and all its momentum drives from the forward pack i.e when the forwards don't aim up and dominate we struggle to turn moment and loose. This will be a massive loss, he has been our best forward and was an absolute animal when he returned from suspension for the final series, i would go as far as to say that his injection in the final series is what made us so competitive. He dominated the entire knights pack on his own and made Tyson frizell he's baby boy.

    • Exactly Blaze.

      BA has proved in 2018 without super dominant forwards he has no plan B.

      RCG is nearly irreplacable. How are we going to replace such a dominant forward for the same cost? The answer is we can't. We will have to pay far more money.

      • BA has proved in 2018 without super dominant forwards he has no plan B." 


        that's because his halves are about as creative as a boiled egg without the dippers 

  • The sky is falling. We're all going to die. Everyone panic. Run, everyone RUN!!!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

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