• Mind you, in the depths of our winters we can get down to 18 or 19 deg, lol. 

  • Good thing we signed BA for two extra years early - now we know it was all about 'keeping' our star players.

    • How lucky we are Franky, at least we will keep the Arthur boys and any homeless bum to do with Rouse Hill.  The local Hobo is a good chance to be locked up on a 5 year deal.  Exciting times for Parra.

      • Look I think we have a decent shot next year IF we keep the squad together and added an good backup hooker and some speed outwide. The club in all their wisdom signed BA to two extra years early in the belief that players would extend knowing that he would be coach - I'm not convinced and time will tell if that was the correct decision. 
        IMO one extra year was generous but as usual we blow our loads early. BA will go down as the longest running coach in the history of Parra and IMO he will end up not ending the drought either.....good times to continue baby.

        • It also opens us up opportunities to go shopping for a replacement in 2023 also.

          • Good point, if Rodwell can step up and take RCGs position, then we have the cash to keep the team together and pick up a quality outside back.

            Frank, I'm thinking the same with fingers firmly crossed we kill it next year. 

            • This is it if one of the 3 youngsters can step up out of Greig Kaufusi & Rodwell then your rolling.You got RCG for another season him make sure we use him up and it allows the best of the rest to stake there claim.

              Outside backs Cotric is a good fit decent speed big strong elusive exactly what we want in an outside back matched with Sivo Dunster Penisini and Blake he'd round that unit out nicely. If we can get him for 300-350 and the Poodles kick in the rest sign him quick fast.

              • Mate we need them to step up big time.

                Greig couldn't play 15 minutes without puffing badly - get off the ciggies mate.

                Rodwell - only played 1 first grade game.

                Kaufusi - relegated behind a journeyman who was in better form.

      • I have heard from someone that knows his shit, that Rouse Hill is probably the best Junior club in the country and yes BA is quite involved 

        • That is a crock of shit lmao. They are one the most political driven clubs in the west. Its about who you know there, not what you can do. 


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