Quiet here tonight

What's the matter with you lot????

jake Arthur plays well and you all shut the F**k up. 

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  • No we are on the match blog congratulating the man.

  • He played well and it was appropriate to play him. But do not get carried away he is a backup half at best at the moment 

    • That's all he's ever been. A stop gap that people expected to play like Cameron Munster .

    • Not getting carried away at all. 
      he's a fill in at the moment, everyone knows that. 
      but doesn't deserved to be booed 

      • Well said Mac

  • Of course, the kid played to the 1st half plan, then he open up... great game by the kid but next week another challenge. But to point out his faults goes to show the hate because other players also f&$ked up. But as a team, 7/10 & that's a pass. 

  • Quiet? im still here, the kid did 2 good things, the rest of the time he was hiding from defending and walking around blowing in backplay, i thought he had a very poor first half which was redeeemed by a good pass and kick.

    Youre talking like the kids the next sterling lol

    The gushing from Joey tonight was predictable, hes always good for it.

    I think Jakes one of the worst young halves ive ever seen play top grade.

    • He wasnt great and he wasnt terrible. Lets just give it all a break tonight and enjoy the win.

      The kid is 19 and he doesnt deserve what he cops. 

      • Oneeyed snake can't help himself, he is just a miserable cnut. 

        • I don't know what a cnut is but, I would class him as a cunt.

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