Quick improvement in 2025

I'm not sure some of you realise how horribly coached this team has been - in particular the last couple of seasons but in my opinion we've underachieved since 2018. 
Some people have been living in absolute denial or forgotten what a well coached team looks like .  Yes there are issues with the roster , but this is the roster BA wanted . It's power forward heavy and we rely less on our outside backs than any other team . Whilst the game moved to guys with leg speed and athletes doing yardage work out of the back field ,  we neglected our backs and kept buying forwards.  Add to This : 

- We've never had a solid defensive structure . It's struggled on the edges , at marker and that's been obvious but we also miss a shit tonne of tackles . Going into this season the absolute priority of our squad should've been developing a solid structure where every player knew their role . We went from conceding 24 a game to 30 a game  off the back of the longest pre season out of any club. Ciraldo has developed a solid system in 18 months . BA didn't in 11 years .  BA had the luxury of a bloke who can start opposition sets on their 10 off his boot and we're still leaking 30 a game . 

- BAs been throwing in rookies who aren't prepared or ready for NRL. He used to be super  conservative with brining kids in .. then he bought in Jake and friends and started chucking in blokes who were unprepared left and right . As opposed to developing guys and giving them jobs to do in first grade , he uses first grade as the job experience. 

- Whilst still on Jake .. BA couldn't separate the job from his emotion. Crying like a blubbering mess when Jake scored on debut while a touching father and son moment what other coach does this ? BA has said a tonne of times since he was flicked debuting Jake was one of the biggest highlights of his 11 years .  It may be nice for him to debut his unready , untalented son .. but he lost the ability to do his job first and managed to convict himself playing Jake at 7 , Mitch at 6 and DB at centre was a worthwhile option . When that backfired he decided to try make him a super sub in a run to a GF. 

- his use of interchange has cost us games . Flogging guys till the tank is completely empty and leaving them on the field too long has wore our middles down over the season . His response ' we pay them the big money to they need to stay on the field ''... completely stupid. 

- he let his personal feelings towards players stop him picking our strongest side . 

- Youngsters in our team have been getting worse by the season and having trouble staying 'in' games . Dylan Brown has been coached 'just to run the football'' when you need at 900k half to be more. 

-  We've never developed a culture where our effort and professionalism were non negotiables . We had huge ups and downs within seasons and cost ourselves top 4 finishes. 

- the complete disconnect between the side and the fans / media . We have absolutely slipped miles behind the rest of the league when it comes to this .

Need we go on . My point is a new coach was an absolute must . Whether Ryles is the right appointment or not we won't know until we see what he brings to the side but we've given ourselves a chance to get out of the Desd set stone ages in NRL coaching and really modernise what we're doing  with a guy who can evaluate our roster fairly and to the standards of the modern game . BA had the absolute luxury of having an international front row , representiitive halves and stability in the roster . We were miles ahead of most other clubs with our roster  but I feel we didn't get to where we could've . Not so much in terms of making a GF but the style we played , our defence especially .. was never really amosntt the elite of the competition . 

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      • He's very similar to what DB had when Nuikore and Papalli were here the same profile of player body type and all.

  • Why not look at a guy like Tane Tuapiki from the Warriors he's under rated and is screaming for an opportunity at fullback.

    Even if they find a way to get Blake Wilson or resign Simonsson.

    I guess there's a few options there for outside backs.

    • I believe Tuapiki is similar to Kini where they are only fulbacks,

  • Dylan Brown is a guy who needs a new coach . Someone here said he's been coached to his current ability not to his ceiling and that about sums it up . 
    He and Penisni both have so much more to give . They have barely tapped into their potential only shown glimpses of it .

    DB's effort and defence is for the most part outstanding . If you come into first grade as a half with those things nailed the rest can be worked on. 

    Will fades in and out of games with his concentration . One minute he'll make an elite defensive play .. faced with the same situation later in the game he might fluff it completely. 
    If you were managing these guys the absolute last thing you'd be telling them to do is follow BA who specialises in simplifying the jobs of forwards that's about it . 

    DB is not close to being a marquee player . He's a great second fiddle to a dominant 7 who needs to really knuckle down with a good structure around him to get to the next level . A new roster , new city and back to BA would seem terrible for his career . That won't stop Buzz yapping but it is what it is. 

    • What does a marquee player look like in a team getting arseholed most weeks and before you say Moses whose probably in some of the richest veins of form in his career he's not helping this team win.

      Is Kalyn Ponga a marquee player Newcastle have been getting bent over left right and  sideways for years as there guy as another example.

      Marquee is another word over used in a team game when actually all it means is the guys around him have to do there jobs before talents like the mentioned of which fans think aren't marquee can show what they really have and not get seduced by highlights.

      • It's the guys who turn losses into wins.

        Doesn't mean they do it every time , but they have the ability to regularly pull off a play themsleves or get their teams in positions to get the win.  Thats not DB's game.

        I feel Mitch has regularly got the Eels in a postiion to win since he's been back and has been let down by park footballers like Russell. He did enough to win that Newcastle game and put us in a position to win it 3 or 4x only to be let down by others. He had us in a position to take the lead late against the Roosters and Asi playing centre couldn't catch. Just because you are the marquee player doesn't mean you arent reliant on the teams structures and others in the team doing their jobs.

        DB is no where near that time in his career. He's been coached to be a second fiddle. I honestly don't see him following BA - there's coaches around who will get much more out of himn. Hopefully Ryles is one.

        • Moses has done nothing of the sought this year and it's been his knock for many a year.He's never been a put the team on his back and follow me boyz that's the only knock on Moses.He doesn't play well off the back foot either.

          But here's the knock when everyone else around him is doing there job Moses is deadly as you saw in SoO 2 and for Parra over many a year when his fowards are pumping teams giving him time on the ball.

          When you say BA hasn't done DB justice what does that even mean.He showed duty of care when he got hurt he's developed him into one if not thee best defensive 6s in the comp and the kicker he became a kiwi international under his tutelage.Also throw in the fact at a similar age Moses was very similar to Brown without the defense.

          When you say 2nd fiddle you do realise under BA the majority of this squad have gone to other levels right.He's taken discards convicts and limited number of jnrs and they've become either SoO internationals or week in week out nrl players.So from what I've seen there's nothing wrong with the last coaches development skills at all.

          His deficiencies are around defensive and attacking  structure that was his weakness and a even bigger one was he cared too much for his players he probably got to close.When you hear stories of him babysitting Maranta Nuikores kids when his wife was in hospital things like this were probably a downfall in the end because the line became blurred.

          • I completely disagree with you re Moses this season . 
            We won rounds 1 and 3, he came back and we beat the Sharks. 
            I think he probably could've done more vs Dogs but we were in a position to win . Our edge defence with Asi at centre was once again the main issue. 
            He dragged us back into the game v Roosters with Asi and Russell once again offering nothing with or without the ball . He puts a kick in the ingoal for Asi to jump at with momentum to take the lead with 10 to go and he barely contests it but still manages to give up 7 tackles .
            He dominates Origin ... 

            comes back and is the best player on the field in a loss to Knights . Scintillating individual try only for Sivo and Ruselll to give it straight back through their ineptitude. 
            Comes back against Souths in what should be a wet grind and watches Russell leak 4 trys and stand on the 9 metre line on a short drop out .

            ... he havent surrounded him with what he needs to ice wins . His job is to get us in a position for guys to do their job , as he did in origin . We have guys not doing their job . 

            When it comes to Dylan Brown he has been labelled a runner and a footballer by BA since day dot. We were always told he has trouble staying in games and Shaun Lane works well with him , 'we just want him to run the football " . Jake was bought in as the main playmaker whenever Mitch was out , Dylan was put in the centres , his edge wasn't built around his strengths ... if his strength is his running game why the hell does he have backrowers that don't even run a line like Shaun Lane next to him? Dylan , until this season .. wasn't developed to be a leading half . Moses goes down and he throws him in there and says do your best.  He hasn't reached close to his celing .. you may disagree but to me he's still a guy who is unsure of his role in attack , fades in and out of games , doesn't always play eyes up and struggles without a dominant 7 with him . That's not a 900k a season half . It's up to Ryles and his people to really get DB going . Build a structure around his edge he thrives in and grow his game . If he doesn't evolve over the next 2 years then you'd happily let him go elsewhere . If he goes to Perth to play under BA it would be a step backwards in his career in my opinion . I think you will see a much better player develop under Ryles.

            The players that have thrived under BA are no frills forwards and journeymen . Guys with different abilities and some X factor like Blake Ferguson , Waqa Blake , Bevan French etc were shells of themselves when they left.  Dylan Brown and Will Penisni haven't evolved like they should've . Blaize was being developed as a utility back and has hit first grade not being ready to play any position . We were coached like a bush team mate . Run hard / tackle hard .. have a beer after . 

            We watch Penrith sign autographs for an hour after the game at commbank while our team go and have a beer .  The club has fallen behind and BA has left a lot to be cleaned up. 

            • So your wrong again with regards to developing talent.The reason I say this is because the team couldn't have had it's good run of 4-5 seasons without the team performing across the board.

              RCG Paulo Mahoney Gutho DB Moses Fergo Semi Radradra and alike all made steps while they were here.

              Mises being a marquee the only way he can be that and for him to be associated with that is others around him doing there jobs.You mention early on in the season you mean early on against the Dogs as an example when the fowards were running down the middle of the Dogs and we complete at 90 + odd % again this is when a marquee guy can win games for us.I don't recall any game this year where Moses has won us games from a losing position where territory and possession have been against us.

              DB and the runner of the football line.This chestnut here's one for you if your changing out combinations and your chief second rower who was the form 2nd rower in the comp 2 yrs ago gets hurt last year and falls off the map this year and your changing out the centre also next to him every other week it seems who do you think teams are going to target on that left side exactly.You do realise other teams aren't as simple as fans and media and still use the old chest nut DB just needs to run you do realise that bit don't you.The facts of this are a running half needs a combination of things for him to run id suggest to you we as a team have done nothing to help DB especially this year.He's been asked to play on the other side he's still running in the 80 th minute last week when the game was clearly gone saving a try against South's.I mean hen you say this and that about DB I feel  he's basically a fall guy for a team whose role players aren't doing there jobs.


            • He dragged us back into the game v Roosters with Asi and Russell once again offering nothing with or without the ball . He puts a kick in the ingoal for Asi to jump at with momentum to take the lead with 10 to go and he barely contests it but still manages to give up 7 tackles .
              He dominates Origin ... 

              Did we win the game against Newcastle or the Roosters no

              DB dragged us back in the  same game against the champs yet that goes missing does it I mean I get it we lost so what's the difference and guess what MM is at his peak and is paid in that manner he should be doing this but we still aren't winning games.Scintillating try I've seen DB score those this year he scored the decisive try against the Sharks that iced down the game he scored off a piece of brilliance against the Roosters where he went down the sideline 40-50 metres I mean does this get taken into account when your talking DB and I'm not even going to talk about his defensive workrate which is the best by a mile but whatever.

              MM was in the same boat as DB was at the same age all this he's not been developed rubbish is all about time and need for a team.DB right now isn't that half Moses is because throughout his career he hasn't been asked to do that.If you'd give him 5 years in a position like Moses has been given then it's another conversation but of course because he's had 5 minutes running a team it's automatically suggested DB can't do the job.

              As for the last comment that's horse shit aswell last time out at commbank I saw DB on the fence line taking a pair of his boots off signing them and giving them to a fan and getting photos.

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