Qualifying Final Team List v Storm

1. Gutherson

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Ferguson

6. D Brown

7. Moses

8. Campbell-Gillard

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Matterson

13. N Brown




14. Smith

15. Davey  

16. Evans 

17. Niukore




18. Stone  

19. Takairangi

20. Kaufusi 

21. Alvaro


IN: M Jennings, D Brown, RCG, Niukore

OUT: Takairangi, Alvaro, Kaufusi


Referee: Ashley Klein

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        • The speed and intensity goes up another level in Finals, you need that extra prop rotation, regardless of the big minutes Junior and RCG can normally give you. I'm hoping Evans steps up to the level he was at earlier in the year when he had us all praising him knowing that he's a chance to leave here with a massive result. We're potentially 240 minutes away from something we've been waiting on for far too long.

          • I'm glad to hear there playing Nelson Asofa-Solomona at 13 it means for us we play to the edge and then comeback down the middle.There showing there hand Melbourne they think we are going in the middle third which we will but not when they expect it.

            We have to keep the ball moving against there big foward pack.

  • What is the Eels record with Ashley Klein?

  • Big difference to have Nuikore back for us. Think this  is the best possible side we can field and glad Brad opted for Will on bench!

     I don’t understand what’s not to like with Will on bench and can’t see why he isn’t the obvious bench option - particularly as he can cover so many spots and with Dylan fresh back. Will has filled in very well this season...what has he done wrong? Makes a much better option as a sub hooker if needed than anyone else too.

    • Niukore is a massive in, as is Dylbags. Agree on Smith actually, he was OK in what he did last week and offers a bit of speed around the ruck, potentially a danger when the big Storm forwards tire if we manage to get on a roll and have them under the pump. The Storm are very beatable, they're an incredible team with Smith running the show, but I think they've shown this year they aren't at quite the same elite level as they have been.

      • Yeah made 40 tackles first week in with no footy under his belt didn’t let us down - thought that spoke of his big ticka and they always come in handy at finals as does versatility. Stone gives his all but not as versatile.

        • Exactly mace - nothing no reserve grade - he will be great if he can scurry around and be evasive - and wiggle through tired players for another try !!!

          • He will. He’ll be so itchy arsed on the bench Carlo rearing to go.

          • That had you holourin did it Carlo.


    • Happy Nuikore is back we're not the same team without him

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