Qualifying Final Team List v Storm

1. Gutherson

2. Sivo

3. M Jennings

4. Blake

5. Ferguson

6. D Brown

7. Moses

8. Campbell-Gillard

9. Mahoney

10. Paulo

11. Lane

12. Matterson

13. N Brown




14. Smith

15. Davey  

16. Evans 

17. Niukore




18. Stone  

19. Takairangi

20. Kaufusi 

21. Alvaro


IN: M Jennings, D Brown, RCG, Niukore

OUT: Takairangi, Alvaro, Kaufusi


Referee: Ashley Klein

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  • I am still hoping Davey starts with Lane on the bench. Lane more likely to have an impact in attack, Davey busier in defence at the start. 


    I like this side. Smith was excellent last week and absolutely deserves to be there. He covers DBrown, Moses and Mahoney if any need a rest or (heaven forbid) are injured. Niukore adds a lot of punch off the bench too. Kaufusi a bit stiff as hes played a lot this season, but I don't think he adds as much as the other blokes named

    • Agree Lane as middle forward appears to working

  • I 100% agree with this side except I would start Davey over Lane which BA may do considering he has done it for the past two weeks. I agree having Smith over Stone because Smith can cover fullback, centre, five-eight and hooker. The only thing that eels will really miss from Stone is his tackling because he puts much bigger blokes right on the back which helps slow the play the ball. 

  • Great team list with the addition of DBrown and the balance on the bench. The injuries have changed the pecking order with Smith and Davey now ahead of Stone and Oregon - can't be much in it. Mobility maybe the reasoning which suggests a game plan to move the Storm around rather than play thru them.

  • The most important information out of all of this is the referee. So can someone please tell me the record of eels and storm when Klein is the reffing their games.

    • Ashley Klein



      Team   Record (W-D-L)   Overall Record (W-D-L)*   Difference  
      *During the referee's career
      Brisbane 22-0-14 61.11% 162-2-138 53.97% +7.14
      Canberra 18-1-21 46.25% 141-1-152 48.13% -1.88
      Canterbury 24-0-12 66.67% 149-0-148 50.17% +16.50
      Cronulla 14-0-23 37.84% 140-2-155 47.47% -9.64
      Gold Coast Titans 10-0-15 40.00% 116-1-172 40.31% -0.31
      Manly 15-0-13 53.57% 159-1-141 52.99% +0.58
      Melbourne 28-0-18 60.87% 215-2-92 69.90% -9.03
      New Zealand 13-0-21 38.24% 126-3-161 43.97% -5.73
      Newcastle 14-1-22 39.19% 113-3-173 39.62% -0.43
      North Queensland 19-0-17 52.78% 147-0-154 48.84% +3.94
      Parramatta 17-1-20 46.05% 128-2-162 44.18% +1.87
      Penrith 10-0-23 30.30% 153-2-139 52.38% -22.08
      Souths 23-0-25 47.92% 164-1-134 55.02% -7.10
      St George Illawarra 23-1-19 54.65% 145-1-148 49.49% +5.16
      Sydney Roosters 28-0-17 62.22% 174-1-130 57.21% +5.01
      Wests Tigers 17-0-15 53.13% 128-0-161 44.29% +8.83
      Rugby League Tables / Ashley Klein - Referee
      Rugby League Tables - NRL Stats & Tables
      • What is more concerning is that Klein was dropped after his performance when the Storm got beat by the Raiders in Week 1 of the Finals last year. So the most likely scenario is that he will rectify this with all things favouring the Storm. What he should be doing is making sure he referees the game evenly so he doesn't get dropped after Week 1 two years in a row. Don't forget I think he's won 3 or 4 Bronco's Players Player awards the last 6 or so years, he favours them that much at Suncorp - so hopefully he forgets and thinks we're the home team and give us all the calls he normally saves for the Broncos at home - once again though, he'll probably favour the Storm as the home team...


        • This is where the crowd can make a difference Brissy...hope we get lots of you Brissy Eels fans to pack the place out. Normally very vocal up there and a few well placed Boooo’s will not go astray to help nullify CSmith’s influence.

          are you going?


          • No unfortuantely, I was already committed to another party that night - honestly thought we'd be 4th, never saw that Rabbits win over the Roosters coming.. Shame, I've never actually seen the Eels lose at Suncorp in about 6 visits against the Broncos - last one when Semi scored about 4 tries. 3 wins when I was with a mate and his family in the Members area - I wasn't invited back again after that !!!!

            • Ha oh nooooo!!! Never seen them lose at Suncorp you say !? bugger you are such a loyal fan too...oh well hope they’ve got a nice big Tele and earplugs at the party.

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