Pressure mounts on SuperCoach

The NRL Tackle: Parramatta Eels coach Brad Arthur under fire after South Sydney defeat

After yet another mystifyingly poor performance from his Eels, it’s coming to a point where Brad Arthur needs to justify he’s the man to end Parramatta’s epic premiership drought.

Lost in the celebration of Latrell Mitchell’s stunning return for South Sydney was the fact this was another serious setback for Parramatta’s premiership campaign.
And Brad Arthur just can’t continue to escape scrutiny for these ridiculously inconsistent performances that are tearing apart the Eels’ best chance to win a title in more than a decade.

We’ve seen over the weekend how Justin Holbrook is the latest NRL coach fighting to save his job with Gold Coast on the bottom of the ladder and going backwards fast.

But for different reasons Arthur’s position is also coming to that point where he needs to justify that he can be the man who can lead this club to that long awaited premiership.

And it’s no good having a team capable of beating heavyweights Penrith and Melbourne when they can’t back it up against the Bulldogs and Wests Tigers, or a Souths team that was admittedly pumped by Latrell’s return but nevertheless humiliated in their most recent game against St George Illawarra.

You also can’t ignore this is Arthur’s ninth season and Parra are yet to make it past week two of the finals on his watch.

Arthur said after the game that effort wasn’t the issue against Souths.

But how does he say that when in the next breath he pretty much blamed the performance on a lack of effort from certain individuals, saying “on different weeks we’ve got different blokes owning their jobs”.

-Paul Crawley

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    • We hit our ceiling for win percentage in 2020.

      The fans didn't realise until 2022 that the team hasn't just plateud, they are sliding backwards now.

      10617731690?profile=RESIZE_400xHe should have been shit canned after 2018. That win percentage is vomit. The improvements we made after 2018 were largely roster based.

      Maika Sivo replaced Kirisome Auva

      Waqa Blake replacing an old Jarryd Hayne

      Blake Ferguson replacing Bevan French

      Dylan Brown replacing Corey Norman

      Junior Paulo replacing Siosia Vave

      Shaun Lane replacing Tony Williams

      It's so wonder the team improved with player swaps like that.

      • Whilst stats probably show the story pretty well for me the ceiling seems to be reached on how much these guys can learn from BA. The Bunnies and Sea Eagles beat us on the edges last year and we have imprved there but its still an issue. I doubt there is anything these guys can learn from BA anymore accept motivational things. 

        • Nup there's actually zero they can learn from him.

          Forget skills, tactics and motivation - he's shot.

      • 2016: Trent Robinson at the Roosters had a 25% win percentage and finished 15th. It's like anyone in Eels colours is uselss and anyone at literally any other club is infallable. 

        • Yes Trent had one dogshit year Muttman. You need to look at his entire context though. 2013, 2018, 2019 premierships. Sure, they bought some excellent players to get those titles. But we also bought some excellent players with nothing to show for it.

          Trent Robinson is also far more of a heavy hitter in the league. He gets what he wants. When he speaks, people listen. Can you really say the same of BA? When Wayne Bennett speaks, people hang on his every word. When Bellamy speaks, people sit up straight. When Brad Arthur speaks, people furrow their brow in confusion.

          • So it's one rule for BA and another for Robinson?
            You said BA should have been punted after 2018 becuase of his dogshit winning percentage. I just showed you that Robinson had the exact same situation.
            Who's a better Coach? Well obviously Robinson has the better record and he's a GF winner. No question.
            But also right now he's outside the Top 8 in 10th with a 43% winning record this season. BA is in 6th with a 60% win record. Probably just an easy draw I guess.

            • Haha, great comment Mutts. And the current 26 blogs since the loss as opposed to 4 after the Roosters wins shows just how many nufties come out of the closet after a loss, it's as funny as it is ridiculous. Pitchfork brigade at it again and most offering either no options at all or beyond ridiculous ones for a new coach. I reckon in the 26 blogs I've seen about 8 sensible contributions and then multiple stupidity from the usual suspects, u-turns aplenty as they contradict themselves comment after comment.

              Any win and we were lucky or the opposition had excuses, but same posters then refuse to allow any excuses for the Eels. Same blokes despite a win still rant that we're not a Top 4 squad and this player or that has to be sacked. But come a loss and the players are completely exonerated of blame and it's sack the coach and it's all on him. Hilarious stuff, often led by 1 bloke that contradicts himself as much as he lies on here. You dead set can't make the shit up that you read on here.

              • Nice rant brisseyel, thoughts on the performance on Saturday night?

                • Not a rant, just stating facts. Have been away camping for school holidays and bugger all service so only got bits and pieces. A mudbath with a lot of shit play, some good play, a couple of shockingly bad bunker calls and ended in a bad loss. Certainly not worthy of the crap I just spent a couple of hours wading through and pissing myself laughing at the utter stupidity of some people on here.

                  • shockingly bad bunker calls? Which ones ?

This reply was deleted.

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