Pressure mounts on SuperCoach

The NRL Tackle: Parramatta Eels coach Brad Arthur under fire after South Sydney defeat

After yet another mystifyingly poor performance from his Eels, it’s coming to a point where Brad Arthur needs to justify he’s the man to end Parramatta’s epic premiership drought.

Lost in the celebration of Latrell Mitchell’s stunning return for South Sydney was the fact this was another serious setback for Parramatta’s premiership campaign.
And Brad Arthur just can’t continue to escape scrutiny for these ridiculously inconsistent performances that are tearing apart the Eels’ best chance to win a title in more than a decade.

We’ve seen over the weekend how Justin Holbrook is the latest NRL coach fighting to save his job with Gold Coast on the bottom of the ladder and going backwards fast.

But for different reasons Arthur’s position is also coming to that point where he needs to justify that he can be the man who can lead this club to that long awaited premiership.

And it’s no good having a team capable of beating heavyweights Penrith and Melbourne when they can’t back it up against the Bulldogs and Wests Tigers, or a Souths team that was admittedly pumped by Latrell’s return but nevertheless humiliated in their most recent game against St George Illawarra.

You also can’t ignore this is Arthur’s ninth season and Parra are yet to make it past week two of the finals on his watch.

Arthur said after the game that effort wasn’t the issue against Souths.

But how does he say that when in the next breath he pretty much blamed the performance on a lack of effort from certain individuals, saying “on different weeks we’ve got different blokes owning their jobs”.

-Paul Crawley

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  • Well said, because it's echoing what the knowledgeable fans have been saying for years.

    • X a billion 

      keep the pressure on . At the very least the players that LOVE him and his weak ways will try abit harder to save him I guess 🙄

  • I'm not sure he has reached "SuperCoach" status? Looks like Paul Crawley has been combing the pages of 1Eyedeel.

  • Seems like the rest of the league world is starting to see what most of us on here have seen for years (apart from a couple of BA fan boys who just refuse to acknowledge his blatant weaknesses).

    It looks like a top 4 finish is beyond this team with its current mindset so they are going to have to do it the hard way. Anything less then getting past week 2 of finals should be the end of BA. He has time to turn it around but does he have the ability?.

  • Wonder if this up and down turnouts has anything to do with Nathan Brown. I know for a fact some players were unhappy with his dropping and the use of the interchange.

    • Well if that's the case we have a bigger problem players job is to play not pick the team

      • Exactly , if the players are upset about a player being dropped then I'm comfortable as long as the coach is prepared to drop said players also. 

    • If you know it as a fact we are in some huge problems. A fan coming on a fan forum with such information is a major problem.  Who told you? How do they know? If it was player then kiss goodbye to this season if they are ranting about the coach to randoms. If you aren't a random and have inside info (ie work for the club) then that's pretty bad mate to come on here and blurt out internal issues like this.

    • well sack them too, the prima doners.

This reply was deleted.

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