• These two show where the problem lies

    • 100%.

      Sack a coach early in the season with no plan in place other than to look elsewhere. The sheer brilliance of it astounds me.

      They may as well have told BA that this will be your last season and began the search. What is the point in putting in an interim coach to take on a CLUB that is in shambles, let alone the frist grade side. What can Barrett possibly do in that time? Barrett isn't the answer either. 

      If you want to soar like an eagle, "DON'T HANG AROUND WITH TURKEYS". We have turkeys running this club and that is the reason the Eels have the longest premiership drough in HISTORY!!!

      This club is literally doomed to stay this way until a FULL CLEANOUT is done and that includes most of our frist grade squad and coaches. Why clubs think that giving coaching jobs to ex players is the way to go astounds me!!!

      Great players don't make great coaches just becuase they were club favorites. Give them a crack at the lower grades for sure but if they can't create a winning culture, see you later. You can't run an elite sporting club being friendly and nice. It's cut throat and only the strongest survive. Until we get people who understand that and won't accept anything less, the longest premiership drought will continue. 

      • To be fair, Parra have never really had a culture of putting in past great players into the coaching role, other than perhaps Ricky Stuart (who had runs on the board at other clubs) and Mick Cronin. Both of those were short term,

        • Rubbish, what about Ken Thornett, Brian Hambly , Norm Provan, John Peard, Ron Hilditch , Ken Kearney, Ian Walsh , Jack Rayner as well as the Crow and Stuart. You don't  know what your talking about. 

          • I'm talking more of the recent past. Even Cronin was quite some time ago, and I'm sure Ron Hilditch wouldn't consider himself one of the game's great players. The game wasn't even fully professional in the early days anyway, so employing a coach who didn't play the game was pretty much ungheard of then.

            • What a piss poor response, learn some history about the club before you make know it all statements. The Eels existed long before you came along. 

              • Wow, someone's in a bad mood. I'll leave it at that before you blow a fuse. Take a Bex and a lie down mate!

  • Well they say "Brad has the biggest say in who is signed or let go and it's how it should be at any club"

    That sorts that guess... it's currently up to MON to make it happen or not  hope that's seriously looked into.


  • It's totally true that Brad has had a massive voice on recruitment and retention. Up until relatively recently it was even more than most head coaches. But I also agree it's how it should be. The coach lives and dies by his personnel 

  •  So according to Sarantinos,  no player at the club has a BA get out clause including Lomax. 

    Good on the club in that regards 

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