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The Nrl asked how they could improve Pre Game Entertainment during the off season.

For the last 20 min i have pondered this question and I believe i have a solution.

1 hour before kickoff a representative from each club goes into the bays and picks 17 people for each club both the home team and away.  We then have two 10 min halfs and a genuine game of Rugby League. You could only imagine little Johnny watching his dad run out to dish out a little pain to a Moanly supporter.Not only would it be a great a laugh but a great build up between rival supporters to let off a little steam. 

I for one would love nothing more then to smash a Bronco supporter.

Any other pre Game Entertainment ideas?

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  • I'd like to see a celebration of past greats pre kick off. Imagine a Michael Cronin or Bert Kenny Sterlo or a grothe  walking out with the game ball at the new Parramatta stadium.
    You could have a different player at each home game.

    We don't celebrate the past premiership winning players enough

    Bernie Gurr thinks by bringing back the prehistoric Striped jersey with white shorts that we are celebrating the past - that's absolute fekkin  bull shit imo. It's plain dumb.

    • Imagine watching Paul Kent show his sporting prowess for 2 minutes!
    • Agree about the sterlo / Kenny etc chief. It would be good; i gather you are not a fan of the seasons kit.....i am sure they will have some things lined up for the new stadium. I personally am not fussed about the pre-game and enjoy watching both teams warm up. 

      Short pre game entrainment imo is better. Not a fan of the music and hype tbh.

    • Re the past greats, they do let past greats raise the Parra flag before each home game but yes, game ball would be more noticeable and special. 

  • Fabulous idea, we could also have a really old guys with walkers and pacemakers games.

  • You forget about the insurance and law suits if someone gets hurt. Days have sadly changed and that's why there is nothing like this. Cost to much and people are all money hungry. Chief has a good idea though
  • Isn't that why they had cheer girls? It's all very sanitised now. I'd personally prefer to watch some kids games then all the rubbish they go on with.
  • Interview with a past player on the big screen as a minimum

    interview and highlight reel of young players coming up through the grades

    • You fellas would give up eye candy for that ??? Lol

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