Pick one player to sign.

If you could pick any player from a club to join eels which one would you choose currently ? For me Manu is someone I'd love at parra. 🤣 Just someone who is a serious threat out wide but can also cover 3/4 spots in the team at a pinch. 

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  • 2009 Jarryd

  • Semi Radrada. It's not impossible if we could get either Channel Nine or Fox to sponsor him like they sponsor other players. When Billy Slater retired the first people he thanked in his speech were his long term sponsors Channel Nine. That may infer that Fox are also sponsoring some elite players which means the broadcasters are actually deciding which teams are successful via direct player sponsorship. I personally think that it is very muddy waters when broadcasters are sponsoring players as it virtually gives them the power to decide what clubs will be successful. Were the current comentary teams recipients of broadcaster sponsorships during their playing days that included a guarranteed on camera position when they retire? If Parramatta were playing last night there would have been 75,000 people in the crowd instead of just 30,000, which included a lot of free giveaway tickets. Can we convince one of the broadcasters to sponsor Semi back to Parramatta? Can we convince one of the betting companies to sponsor Semi? Semi would put bums on seats, increase television ratings and increase the betting pool via top try scorer, first try scorer etc.Semi would also attract international betting interest. We just need someone with the necessary connections to get it done. I don't understand why we don't have the vision to push this. We have the largest fan base in the comp and we should use it as a bargaining tool.  

  • Farnworth or Staggs......but the reality is we tried and FAILED, no quality player wants an eels jersey......and thats a FACT

    • I'm holding out hope for Tass

    • Unfortunately you are right.

      For some reason we aren't an attractive destination for quality established players without paying overs.

      The best we can manage is other clubs discards, journeymen, has beens and reserve graders.

    • Mitchell Moses 



      Beau Scott

      Kieran Foran

      If you want to attract top tier talent how are you to attract when for the most part your cap is spent on quality already here.This isn't an all star game you can't have top tier talent in every position.This isn't fantasy football.

  • Pat carrigan 

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