Phil Gould is often referred to by Denis Carnahan as the man who thinks he invented rugby league.

Across a career spanning close to five decades Gould has gone from player, to coach, to administrator and media pundit.

Gould often draws criticism for his polarising viewpoints, this columnist is no exception.

And while his opinions on referees, the administration and rules can be tiring and seemingly out of touch at times, Gould remains one of the foremost voice when it comes to coaching.

A successful club and Origin coach, Gould is still widely regarded for his insight into the way the game is played.

Following Parramatta's disastrous 2018 season, Eels coach Brad Arthur spoke with Gould.

Gould said the club identified many of its issues from 2018 and changed them without ripping the soul from the club. The Eels had faced enough turmoil in the decade since Brian Smith left that tearing everything down to start again could well have resulted in yet more pain.

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      • What's funny about that is after BA spoke to all you fools he came to me and I said, "you pass, you score, you win", the rest is history. 

  • I actually saw Fongy speak to him before all of you 

    • I also saw the Parra Jesus talk with him prior to this. Following this the Jesus and BA walked across the Parra river....and into the 2019 pre-season.


  • Typical Gus, loves taking some credit were he can 

    I'm a Gus fan, reading the tweet gave me a laugh 

    the great Goulding wrapping himself is no suprise love it! LOL

  • When that cat looks in the mirror,  he sees a lion. 

  • Love the kick in the nuts to Norman. "They removed some problems ".

    And yes I agree. Gould is the Trump of rugby league. He's that far up his own arse he's got two navels.


This reply was deleted.

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