Phil Gould is often referred to by Denis Carnahan as the man who thinks he invented rugby league.

Across a career spanning close to five decades Gould has gone from player, to coach, to administrator and media pundit.

Gould often draws criticism for his polarising viewpoints, this columnist is no exception.

And while his opinions on referees, the administration and rules can be tiring and seemingly out of touch at times, Gould remains one of the foremost voice when it comes to coaching.

A successful club and Origin coach, Gould is still widely regarded for his insight into the way the game is played.

Following Parramatta's disastrous 2018 season, Eels coach Brad Arthur spoke with Gould.

Gould said the club identified many of its issues from 2018 and changed them without ripping the soul from the club. The Eels had faced enough turmoil in the decade since Brian Smith left that tearing everything down to start again could well have resulted in yet more pain.

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  • Here we go. Is there any successful occurrence in rugby league that Phil Gould doesn't try to take at least partial credit for? He has got to be one of the lost arrogant people waking the face of the earth lol. He'd give Donald Trump a run for his money in the ego stakes I'd say. 

    If I was going to go and ask Gould for any guidance it would be to ask him what he tells himself in the mirror every morning to have such a massive ego and inflated self opinion because to be honest it would probably be a massive bonus. 

    • LOL, so very true.

      Gus is the greatest Monday Morning Quarterback in the history of the world. I don't recall him ever saying anything even remotely suggesting that we were "close" in 2018. I do recall talk about us being a "pub football team" and shit like that.

      Maybe he suggested to BA that he should round up all the potentially best young players from our juniors and sign them up to massive multi year deals based purely on potential - it worked wonders at the Panthers.

      I remember before we played the Broncs he said Brisbane should win this but Parramatta might. The following Monday he wrote how he saw the flogging coming. 

      • Maybe Gould told BA to relieve Penrith of all the excessive deals they made to players.

      • 5600995660?profile=RESIZE_400x

        Gould = "The Great Predicktor"

  • Phil Gould is Rugby League's Alan Jones. He has the world's biggest trumpet and blows f*ck out of it. 

  • One thing you must hand to Gould is the amount of Penrith juniors that end up having good NRL careers.

    Our thanks for Sivo, Blake and RCG :)

  • Sometimes its tough when you are an arrogant "prick".....I was only saying to Slugg the other nice to people and they will love you!..... but would he listen to me NO...arrogant old bastard!

  • I spoke to Brad a week before Gould did. I don't want to steel Gould's limelight but I did have a bit more to say than you are nearly there. Brad and I had a very deep conversation about our defensive structures and now you are seeing the fruits of my advice. lol

    • Coincidentally I had a chat with Brad two weeks prior to his chat with Gould. I suggested he take a look at Maika Sivo at Penrith, consider upgrading Dylan Brown and Reed Mahoney and have a crack at signing Blake Ferguson. Now I'm not saying it was all me, but it would be accurate to say that our turn around was due 100% to my input. You're welcome. 

      • It was all me Muttman. I have the proof. I found it on the dark web. If you want it, I will send you a link.


This reply was deleted.

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