Perth 9s

Love it or hate it, the pre-season 9s festival is only a few weeks away.

After being starved of any decent sport for 3 months, I can't wait to see the NRL boys run around at this event. Also, it is in Perth where I live and I have just bought tickets so I couldn't be happier!

Who would you like to see in the Parra team? Whilst I don't think you could really say it provides any meaningful game time to test out or strengthen any combos, who would you like to see showcased as our best players for this format of the game?

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  • I'd have to play spoil sport and send no one that is vital to us going as far as we can in the NRL premiership.

    I'd send Takairangi, Geroge Jennings, Haze Dunster, Ethan Parry, Rhys Davies, Daniel Alvaro, Andrew Davey, David Gower, Stefano, Jake Arthur, and any random AFL nuffy we can find thats keen for a run.

    Starved of footy for sure , but no real good can come of the 9s.

    • Agree 100%. It's nothing but risk. Juniors and fringe first graders and a WSW player. 

      • and when we took it seriously and won they took it away from us

    • Except the rules dictate that each club has to send a certain number of their top ten paid players.

      I disagree, I think we should go all out to win it. Success breeds success.

      • I'm inclined to agree Brett, I also feel we can manage down if we don't do well early.

        Team building on these type of trips and that confidence building is nearly as imporant as the fitness building. I would play Junior and Sivo and most of our big forwards to get as much time into their legs as possible.

        We also have along with Sean Johnson the best 9 's player in the world in Mitchell Moses.

    • We could do that, and then we could have a top line player get injured at training. We have to send a number of top line players over so we might as well try and win the damn thing. BA has taken it seriously every year it's been played and we've always been a regular in the finals. I think we should definitely try to win it and send over a strong team.

  • Anything bar a semi finale finish will be a fail. Odds have come out we are deserved favourites. This will set the year up,good or bad

    • Shawny you have said we are deserved favourites.

      For your information we have never been is a preliminary market from Ladbrokes as at this morning.

      Sydney Roosters
      Melbourne Storm
      Canberra Raiders
      Parramatta Eels
      South Sydney Rabbitohs
      Manly Sea Eagles
      Cronulla Sharks

      • I don't understand how bookies can put out odds for this one-off comp before the team has been named?

  • I hope the club arnt taken it to serious i know there is a amount of top 30 players ypur supposed to field but id definitely leave out the players we cant do with out


    Brown N

    Brown D


    Should all stay home

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