• I think as a club side, Penrith will finish better than those teams in terms of success due to core group of Cleary, Yeo, Edwards, Too and Luai age.  They could enter a storm like period of dominance.  Hope not, hope it over 30 years misery after a golden run like us.

        The thing that will hurt Penrith when people look back in years to come is the lack of representative success as players and lack of quality side to challenge them which helps build a teams legacy and builds teams up as greater then they were in minds of fans in years to come.

      • Did any of those sides play 4 GF's in a row? If they win the GF for 3 in a row, in the era of salary caps, come on, very hard to objectively argue against their greatness. 

        • I beg to differ based upon the different eras, where a lot of things were different than today's modern game

      • Or the 80's Eels or the Roosters in the 70's. It's a different game now with totally different rules and faster

    • Fair call Bob, they are the best over the last four years and yes the best do the little things better ....... that should result in them coming way out in front with regards to a long standing penalty tally.

      All that said the NRL is a beast that writes its own scrip nowadays, let's  remember who their real masters are... Broadcasting  Companies, Betting Agencies, Large Corporates...then the fans...


      Take it all with a grain of salt or start bird watching.. that has many pleasures 😉


  • This is what the benchmark looks like the finals they have gone up another gear and there execution in attack and there defense is second to none.They really look the goods if you ask me.Everyone and there dog is waxing the broncs but Riff are going to be one hell of a team to knock off they look like the champs to me.

    • That is what I thought Coryn. Last night their defence was something an Eels fan could but dream of and their attack? So well drilled, everyone knows his role and just does his job. Benchmark for sure. They will not beat themselves, it will take enormous games from Broncos ( Waz will not beat the Broncos) superstars, Hass, Walsh, Reynolds, Stags and Herbie for the Ruf to lose the GF. 

      • For me it puts it in perspective when we lost against these guys last year.It wasn't an embarrassment at all.This is a champion side that turns the wick up the closer they get to there goal.

        There just that good as a side and it's going to take a hell of a side to knock them over.

        Graffiti 2000 S.r.L.
  • I would have loved storm to whip the panthers last night - but geez - they looked good!  They are a juggernaut! Funnily we are the only team to trouble them - except in the big games!

  • They do get easy leg ups. Makes the game hard to watch. 
    Their execution is amazing to be fair. They simply don't make mistakes and even though you know what is coming it's hard to defend against. Storm haven't looked good for weeks and were never going to trouble Penrith. 
    Penrith will probably go 3 in a row and consequently I probably won't bother watching. I don't enjoy watching the Panthers at all. I'm not sure how they do it but they make excellence look so, so boring. 
    Anyway tonight's game should be fun to watch. Up the Wahs!!

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