Did Peni just play Kaufusi into first grade

I truely love to see Peni charge onto one but I shudder as he goes to catch it. That drop tonite in front of the posts was typical, all heart.but jeez brus had one job!

Kaufusi to get match time I hope

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        • He threw a nice pass from dummy half for our last try and I didn't even notice it was him until the replay.

      • I think stone will be a good player for us come on late in the game when defences get tired as he brings a lot of energy and is busy 

    • Chuck if you don't understand the importance of having a player like Taka on the bench and more importantly why it's a bonus he only got a few minutes on the field at the end of the second half I suggest you stop following NRL.

  • Peni has not dropped the ball more than anyone else. You can't wait all year for someone to drop a ball and then when they do it once sa see I told you. If you really think that then back up your mouth by keeping tally of Peni's drops and the other forwards and show a scrap of evidence. Dumping on our own players like this when not justified can only harm their confidence and become a self fulfilling prophecy. 

    Having said that I agree Kaufusi should get a go next week. For one, we need to give the reserves a game to keep them match ready. BA should rotate that last bench spot until one of those forwards stands out and claims it.

    • Coyote c'mon he DOES drop the pill, he renowned for it otherwise I wouldn't give it breath.

      • We both have our opinions - let's see the stats 

        tried to find them but havent yet

    • Peni and Taka really did not contribute much to the team last night, what the game showed is that Stone is worthy of a bench spot likewise I beleive time for Oregon to be also given a bench spot, which in a sense will be an audition from both Stone and Oregon for a bench spot once Brown returns.  Marata on his performance last night deserves to keep a spot in the team, even off the bench.

      • How are you Col.....nice to see your back with a voice of reason.

        • Another year older Pops, and thanks for your comments.  I did enjoy the game last night especially the way the ref played, I had no idea about what was going on in the first few minutes with the first try, until I heard the 6 again being applied.  Interestingly for me I was surprised at how Jamile Hoppa went last night he tried aggression and hard play and did ok for his first NRL game, even with some missed tackles.

          I don't think that Lodge added a lot to the game though, and thought Payne Haas tried his heart out for the mules, when he gets his cohorts back in Fifita and Paangai Jnr back their pack will be on another level.

          • Hey Colin,  like poppy said, good to see you posting mate. Some of the long term posters have stopped posting of late and the site is poorer for it.

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