• I saw that on tens news our come other clubs not getting fine like south

  • Bet if it was the Bullfrogs, he woulkd've defended them. Y'know NRL hates us cos we're doing better than what they hoped!

  • I'd be fighting this is I were parra. Plenty of precedents on this one.
  • My question is, why not give us a warning and a suspended fine?
    • You make a very interesting point. Hasler, even though he has previous form, gets a suspended fine for criticising referees post match. Yet we just cop hit after hit from the NRL. We should just get used to it. Its what will happen when an ex-Bulldog CEO becomes so called 'Head of Football'
    • Lolll
  • Are Souths getting fined due to Reynolds coming back on?

    What about Manly? Williame was concussed and stayed on for longer than he should have, didn't DCE do the same last weekend?
  • Challenge this in court, make them look like the fools they are.
    The match review committee is a joke.
    The NRL is also a joke! in the same way the labor party was, 'lets change anything anyone has an issue With'.
    'Let's not cause offense to any minority'.
    NRL: 'lets run a full contact sport with no contact'.

    FFS stop changing the game, stop changing the rules, grow a set and promote this great game by not accepting mediocrity.

    By the way what happened to Loko and GT, guess that sh!t blew over huh.
  • Why did Parra not follow the correct protocol? We have admitted to doing the wrong thing. We are idiots for not following the correct procedure. 

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