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Parramatta upgrade offer to Gutherson

Parramatta have put in an upgraded offer to skipper Clint Gutherson to keep him at the club beyond 2019. understands the Eels, who held a recruitment and retention meeting last Thursday to discuss his future, have decided to up the offer they originally put to Gutherson before Christmas.

The Eels decided last week that they would revise the original offer, however wanted to wait until after Sunday’s match against the Raiders before tabling the new deal.

The club on Monday made contact with Gutherson’s manager, Sam Ayoub, who is expected to meet with his client in the coming days to discuss the new deal.

The Eels, whose original offer was around $500,000 a season, have been impressed with Gutherson’s start to the season and believe their desire to keep him at the club is reflected in the new multi-year deal.



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                • Monto, I'm not going to read any more of the comments because I fear it will contain more of your incessant rambling about the irrelevant hypothesis of Gutho knees. It doesn't matter what happens with or without Gutho's knees from Parra's perspective. If he has another knee injury, he doesn't get to keep the $700K for the remainder of his contracted years at the club.

                  On the more positive note, Gutho is an integral part of this team and our club going forward. Better judges than you or me have said so including most of his team mates.

                  • Thats fine Rowdy Im not asking you too! I found it interesting that the main reason the Eels were holding off on negotiations with Gutherson were realistically based upon his 2 previous knee injuries. So it appears Im not the only person sceptical about Gutherson's future in League and performing at his best in the high contact sport that Rugby League is known for but thats ok Rowdy you can believe and read what you want.

                • Yes, it's a risk. There are no guarantees. But those that are charged with making the decisions have to decide what level of risk they are prepared to live with, and clearly they are prepared to accept that level of risk. For what he brings to the club on and off the field, 650k is a steal. It's grand larceny.

                  • Has the NRL's player insurance been abandoned?  Should Gutho sign with any team including the eels, and he does the knee again and it forces him out of the game will the insurance cover him? or will it be deemed pre-existing as he's previously had the injury?

                    • Every player has to have insurance, right down to district level. Beofre he were to be covered though he would go through a thorough medical exam.

                      The knee injuries aren't pre existing, they've been surgically repaired.

                      I take it your comparing it to the Anthony Watmough case. Completely different, Choc came to the club with an unrepaired keen injury that he reinjured.


              • Brett, you can make decisions on what if's problem is what if its the usual wrong decision, and in this case I much prefer the idea of why not?

                • I'm not suggesting the club blindly ignore his injury history, but it really comes to what level of risk is the club ready to accept. 

                  We're about to find out.

        • Monto if we let Gutherson go will we can keep on waitig let Go of Gutherson is like one step forward and ten back

          But if we keep Gutherson and i hope we do that is a step in the right direction 

          • Or he could be an ornament to the team.

      • X2 Brett 

This reply was deleted.

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