5204270079?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Eels don't have to play twice against any of the top three-ranked teams, with the Brisbane Broncos and Manly Sea Eagles the only sides that they play twice that featured in last year's finals series. They have also been allocated a return leg against western Sydney rivals the Wests Tigers, Bulldogs and Panthers.

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  • Sharks have easiest draw by far


    • Sharks have already played two of the top 4 in Storm & Souths & lost both in rounds 1-2 meaning the Eels have the easiest. We also play more games than anyone else at home and virtually stay in Sydney for the entire season. We've been hit in tge ass by a massive rainbow and need to make it count.  Anything but top 4 is a sackable offence all things being equal with injuries 

  • IMO there is not much difference between most of the teams and easy or hard depends on if the opposition has key injuries/are in form etc

    • There’s been utter disruption so far - no crowd advantage 

      no one knows how these unknown influences will factor yet 

      • Good point

        There has been several major changes and they will benefit those smart enough h TY o take advantage of them

  • Sharks definatly have the easiest draw.

    Goldcoast and warriors are gona be easy wins this year sharks play both of them twice that's 8 easy competition points for the year. All they need is 6wins outside of warriors and titans games for the rest of the year and they made the 8 and considering they play dragons and cowboys twice both of which are easier teams to beat aswell seems like a given they'll make the 8.

  • There are no easy draws.

    We play as many games as any other team. No home crowds.

    As always, it comes down to who wants it more.

  • It does not matter how easy or hard the draw seems to be, it has no effect on who wins the comp, if it did why are the same few teams always winning?. The best teams win the comp not the team with the easiest draw. An easy draw might help you get to the finals but you will get found out once there if you aren't good enough. 

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