5204270079?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Eels don't have to play twice against any of the top three-ranked teams, with the Brisbane Broncos and Manly Sea Eagles the only sides that they play twice that featured in last year's finals series. They have also been allocated a return leg against western Sydney rivals the Wests Tigers, Bulldogs and Panthers.

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  • It's embarrassingly obvious that the NRL are desperate for the eels to win a comp , for 4 straight years the eels have Ben handed the easiest draws and it's one of the reasons why they cant compete against the top sides , they don't play the top sides enough .



    Parra play two bit sides and fans blow themselves then when they play a top side they get humiliated like they did against the storm .



    Parramatta have only made the finals because they have had the easiest draws .

    • Strength of draw has us with the 10th easiest draw based on last years results. What we do have in our favour is apart from the Broncos next week we don't have to get on a plane for the rest of the year, with 11 of our last 17 @ Bankwest.

    • Are you blind, have you not looked at the draw!! Rounds 3 - 10 are ridiculous if we're anywhere near the 8 I'd be very impressed. And it honestly dosen't get that much easier towards the end. 

      It get's a little better at best, I'd honestly rather it was reversed.

  • Wouldn't say it's the easiest....Broncos, Sea Eagles and Panthers twice. Could have been harder yes, but it ain't easy.

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    • lol, agreed. Why not us. 

  • I dont know about that. Penrith looked sharp to start the year. Broncos have improved with getting an organiser like Brodie Croft to guide their monsters around. We always struggle against the dogs style of play and the tigers see us as a local derby style match. I would rather be playing the Warriors and gold coast twice like the Raiders and sharks get to. Sharks for mine have the nicest one playing Warriors, Dragons, Titans, Cowboys and Panthers twice.

  • We are middle of the road

    Not the hardest but not the easiest

  • For heavens sake, without crowds - no game is a given and C'bury / Penriff always give us a tough game. If we are good enough we will win them.

  • Honestly, this season, who gives a shit about the strength of the draw? Every match is going to be hard given the disruption to the season. No NRL game is easy, No NRL premiership is soft. You have to win more games than you lose and you have to be good enough to finish in the top four if you want to win it.

  • For those who are saying we have an 'easy' draw, just look at the first five games: Briabane (8th), Manly (6th), Penrith (10th), Easts (2nd, Premiers), Canberra (4th, Runners-up). Only side out of the top 8 from last year was Penrith, yet they were a win off 7th place, currently undefeated and are tipped for a good year. There is no such thing as an 'easy' draw anymore. 

    If anyone can claim an 'easy' draw, it's once again Brisbane with 15 of their 20 games being either a Thursday or Friday night. The remaing 5 are Saturdays (including a run of three in a row) and NO games on Sundays. With the most consistent turnaround times in the comp, once again Brisbane are given the saloon ride through the season. 

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