Parramatta Eels join NRLW

It has been announced that the Parramatta Eels have been given a licence to enter a team in the NRLW this season.

Pre-season training will begin on 12 July with the club utilising both the NSW Centre of Excellence and Kellyville.

The squad and coaching staff will be announced in the next few weeks.

The Eels are the first and only club from western Sydney to enter the NRLW.

They join the Newcastle Knights as 2021 entrants.

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  • Awesome news. Lets hope every NRL team has an NRLW team soon with the games as a curtainraiser to the NRL games. It would be great to see the Eels fans at Bankwest cheering on the womens team every home game.

  • Great news for the club and the NRLW.

    I assume Brad Arthurs sister will be coach. Then we will have a pair of bush bum coaches.

  • Great news, I saw a story the other day with the NRLW reps saying they were still waiting on detials of the comp - when it was starting, how many teams etc. That's pretty piss poor from the NRL, how the hell are they supposed to get themselves organised and ready to go? Most of them are part time athletes anyway. I think CarloEEL2 needed to get involved and it would have been organised quick smart and already underway!!!!

    At least we will now have 2 causes for heart attacks each week - 3 for those that often think Team List Tuesday is the end of the world.....

  • If you don't want to get smashed don't say things like "females don't play rugby league " on Facebook. 

    • What about if you were more specific: "real women don't play rugby league"? Slugg, would that help? Let me know how you go.

    • Or like one of my mates Slugg, his favourite is "women's sport should only ever be used as halftime entertainment at men's matches" that really sets them off !!!!

      • LOL. That will go down well. A former work colleague who unlike me was an avid punter (bit like Poppa and married to a woman) used to ask everyone who was in earshot: "Why do women have smaller feet?"

        • There is a joke in there HOE about sinks and wasking up...

        • I resent that Hoey, i have always been married to a woman, I have  noticed  though that when the dishes and the dirty clothes builds up, the sex is the same, you just realise your wife has gone shopping for a week.

      • I apologised and said " I meant to say ladies don't play rugby league " still getting smashed. 

This reply was deleted.

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