Parramatta Eels 2021 Draw

(H) - Home Game

(A) - Away Game


Round 1: vs Broncos at Suncorp Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (A)


Round 2: vs Storm at BankWest Stadium, Thursday 7.50pm (H)


Round 3: vs Sharks at BankWest Stadium, Saturday 7.35pm


Round 4: vs Tigers at BankWest Stadium, Easter Monday 4pm (A)


Round 5: vs Dragons at BankWest Stadium, Sunday 6.15pm (H)


Round 6: vs Raiders at GIO Stadium, Saturday 7.35pm (A)


Round 7: vs Broncos at TIO Stadium Darwin, Friday 7.55pm (H)


Round 8: vs Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium, Saturday 5.30pm (A)


Round 9: vs Roosters at BankWest Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (H)


Round 10: vs Warriors at Suncorp Stadium, Sunday 1.50pm (Magic Round) (A)


Round 11: vs Sea Eagles at BankWest Stadium, Sunday 4pm (H)


Round 12: vs Rabbitohs at ANZ Stadium, Saturday 5.30pm (A)


Round 13: vs Knights at McDonald Jones Stadium, Sunday 4pm (A)


Round 14: vs Tigers at BankWest Stadium, Sunday 4pm (H)


Round 15: vs Bulldogs at BankWest Stadium, Sunday 2pm (H)


Round 16: vs Panthers at Panthers Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (A)


Round 17: Bye


Round 18: vs Titans at Cbus Super Stadium, Friday 6pm (A)


Round 19: vs Raiders at BankWest Stadium, Thursday 7.55pm (H)


Round 20: vs Roosters at Sydney Cricket Ground, Thursday 7.50pm


Round 21: vs Rabbitohs at BankWest Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (H)


Round 22: vs Sea Eagles at Lottoland, Saturday 7.35pm (A)


Round 23: vs Cowboys at BankWest Stadium, Saturday 7.35pm (H)


Round 24: vs Storm at AAMI Park, Saturday 7.35pm (A)


Round 25: vs Panthers at BankWest Stadium, Friday 7.55pm (H)



Who we play once: Sharks, Dragons, Warriors, Knights, Titans, Cowboys


Who we play twice: Broncos, Storm, Tigers, Raiders, Bulldogs, Roosters, Rabbitohs, Sea Eagles, Panthers




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        • Not saying you said it was an easy 2021 draw, you cleary said it was tough, what I meant was you've often referred to previous years as easy and I just disagree - I don't think there's such a thing. You're currently saying it's hard but if those 4 clubs I mention make the 8 and we've only played them once and make the 8 does that then change your tune to say it was easy?

           If you're sitting in the Top 8 and especially Top 4, those clubs below you view you as a target, they want to be where you are and they often get up for those games. For mine there's no easy or hard draws, what there is are clubs that know how to win, regardless of the opposition each week and the ladder position they are in. In the past we've been very guilty of losing games that many "experts" would have pencilled in as wins. I think our record this year shows we came a long way to improving that, but we still have a way to go. We need to be ruthless each and every week whether we're playing Top 4 or Bottom 4 teams. On their day, any team can beat any other team. We need to continue the trajectory we are on and get better at putting the teams below us to the sword as well as grinding it out against those above us, regardless of who those teams are from year to year. 

    • Your a parasite. Go try sell housing commission housing you Italian grease ball. Come back expected.

    • Gr8, the troll is back!! Don't u get sick of regurgitating the same old shit year after year?? I would call u a 'Spin Doctor' however that would b a compliment for u.....

  • Seems like a lot of home games! Which is obviously 😌 

    • 12 out of 24, our away game against the Tigers is at BankWest

  • That run home after the Bye is brutal.

    Then again, who knows which teams will tank and which will improve this year. There's always one or two teams who get hit with scandals or pivotal injuries that seem to derail their seasons.

    If we're going to win a Premiership we need to be able to beat every single other team, so soft draw or hard draw doesn't really matter that much. Expectation hasn't changed - we need to finish Top 4 again and this time we need to give the finals a shake.

  • I have analyzed our run and factored in our and other team's player loss and gains, where and when we play teams and the probable effects of the origin period on us and the teams we are playing in that period.

    We will win between 14 and 16 games and will finish 4th, 5th or 6th.

This reply was deleted.

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