• Cannot wait. What a day its going to be


    Leeeeeeeessssssssss goooooooooooo

    • I was there when parra opened up the stadium against the tigers and the atmosphere felt like a semi final, can’t wait atmosphere should be mind blowing!!!

      • How would you know baz?spending 76 of the 80 minutes in the mens, doubt youd have seen much footy lol

        • But but but those 4mins were great lol

  • 30k was always going to be a tiny bit too small for a modern stadium, i reckon 32k 33k would have been the magic number.

    This is a sell out but the top of the stadium will still be partly empty just like the first game.

    • Love your avatar Snake 

      • Cheers John, lets make Australia great again!

        • Let’s make Parramatta great again 

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