Furthermore, we thrash the storm and other top sides during the year.

Not sure about you guys but this has got to be our finest achievenment since 2009, making the grand final that year.

Had we played penrith or storm this week in the grand final with our first 6 round form, we would thrash both grand finalists by 30 points.

I mean, just look at our team, Paulo, RCG, Matterson, Nthan brown, would any of you swap them with any other players?

With the exception of Cam smith, I wouldnt pick any other player to be in our first grade squad.

King gutho is so damn good he is from my perspective the best fullback for the last 20 years.

moses is incredibly talented but just lack a bit of confidence. 


I have this upbeat feeling going forward to 2021. Up the mighty eels<3 <3

after a few drinks, I am in a good mood tonite and feeling positive.

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  • Wasn't our year. Sivo and Fergo going down killed us. Losing MJ on game day was like dropping a nuke on our club.

    I think our strength and conditining staff need to take a good hard look at themselves it was obvious they gassed our boys too soon this year we looked buggered and came alive against storm but this just bought out injuries. 

    we need to do something different this pre season the old Kiama trip running up sand dunes doesn't work 


    • perhaps wayne bennett approach , timing the boys to peak at the endof the season would be a good strategy. we max out too early and our form in last 8 rounds resembles the eels of 2019, not bad but not good either.

      I knew we would go out in straight sets. its so heart breaking.

      I really thought i am buying grand final tickets to see us to victory.

      Poor sterlo almost had tears in the commentary after the game. Its time we win.

  • But we didn't and we're not. I'm in a good mood as well and I don't drink, alcohol that is. 

    • hahaha. a bit of scotch will fix you up in no time:)


      • I don't like beer I don't like spirits and I absolutely hate wine. An occasional fluffy duck is my limit. 

        • i love the fluufy duck too. (cointreau, advocatt) we are showing our age. used to drink whisky sour, brandy alexander,harvey wallbanger, golden dream for the ladies too.Oh and the old ben ean moselle...geez, thats in the 1980's, when the mighty eels reign supreme...lol

  • So one dope in Eugene leaves and another enters. 

    • Justin meet Frankie, Frankie meet Justin 

    • hahaha. a bit of grog is good for you son:)

    • We've gotta maintain the dope quota, otherwise it wouldn't be a sports fan site.

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