Parra signings

Why give up matterson for Carr all we need is a good centre 

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  • We don't need another centre we need a meter eating winger who can finish.

  • Bring back the French 

  • We definitely need a winger to replace Russell and JAC is a top tier winger.

    If we have to give up a quality forward to get him, Matterson is the logical choice.

    JAC should be our priority and if we land him and still have some coin available, we can go about finding a better centre to replace Simonsson as neither him nor Harper are the answer.

    If we could snare Tass to go with JAC we suddenly have a top tier backline.

    Tass has a tackle efficiency of over 90% compared to Simonsson who is at just over 80%.

    • Tass could be playing Centre if Souths move Wighton to back-row or to Halfback. Both are bad choices but it could happen. Might make Tass hold out for it.

      But issue is Souths would want a forward in return also. I think now Parramatta are happy with Simonsson and Harper, with Talagi and R.Penisini nipping at their heels.

      • If the club wants to settle for average players like Simonsson and Harper, that's on them.

    • Forget stats have a look who'll be defending around him that'll dictate an individual's performance.Stats can be skewed.

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    • Well there goes that idea! BRL says no, but Lodge, Jenkins, Xerri can all come back. Absolute hypocrisy from the NRL as usual.

      • Have to agree, the heavyweight teams would have convinced the NRL but no not Parra.

    • It was different when the Rorters wanted Fergo back after his crime was far worse. Or Penrith with Taylan May. It seems if you bash a male the NRL views it as far more acceptable than allegedly putting hands on a woman. Sexism at its finest. Equality is a stance the NRL choose when they want to abide by it seems. 

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