Parra players speak to the media

Why are the players speaking to the media?

Especially what I just heard...."players think they can't win the GF if they finish out of the top 4.

What type of positive thinking is that crap? If anything they've just put more pressure on themselves to beat Tigers.

But what if they don't beat Tigers? Do they change their minds and say they can win from 5th? 

Bloody Hopeless, and it starts from the top!!

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  • Unless they say "we are crap, our coach is crap, we can't win the comp, we are as surprised as anyone we made the top 8 let alone top 4, we are just making up the numbers, did we mention our coach is crap...." then you're not going to be satisfied, so why worry about a professional rugby league player having a positive opinion of his teams chances in the upcoming finals, how dare they.

  • Unfortunately it's in Parra's contract that we allow the media to speak with some players midweek.

    Dopey thing to say though.

    • On Analyst's part yes......what would expect the players to say......

      for the others who think it is ok to suggest the coach and players are not over bright.....can I suggest that they verbalise for them what they should say!

      • How about they say something like,. 

        "We're confident we will give a good account of ourselves in the finals regardless where we finish"

        "If we don't get our attack into gear it  won't matter where we finsih on the ladder" 


        "We are more concerned with fixing our obvious issues against the tigers this Friday than where we finish" 


        Instead they dribble about how they can win the comp,, it remimds me  of how Gutherson opened his mouth like a fool before the Storm semi last year  when he said " we are  not scared of the Storm" then they shit themselves and got humiliated 32 0, Gutherson couldn't just say it  will be a very tough game and leave it at that. 


        Eels players are always making outlandish comments and predictions and it's been happening. For years, clearly their is no real leadership or standards at he club. 


        • It's not just Eels players Fongie. Unfortunately not many NRL players are able to communicate properly and their clubs do not provide them with the necessary training. 

          • Do you hear Roosters, Souths, Storm or Raiders players making outlandish comments and predictions like eels players do and have in the past?  No because they have leadership and standards, parra has no real leader at the club and haven't since Fitzy. 

            • Mmmmmmmm not sure about outlandish comments but certainly outlandish behaviour, and im not so sure what their clubs leadership and standards are like when the following is allowed to happen. 

              Roosters 2016 Shawn Kenny Dowell charged Domestic Violence

              Roosters 2016 Mitchell Pearce humping a dog

              Souths 2015 John Sutton and Burgess charged Assault in Arizona 

              Roosters 2015 Willis Meehan charged Armed Robbery and Assult Occassioning

              Roosters 2015 Jennings charged Offensive Behaviour by Police 

              Roosters 2015 Martin Kennedy charged with Drug offences

              Souths 2015 Dylan Walker and Aaron Grey overdosed on drugs and placed in induced comas.

              Roosters 2016 Mitchell Pearce committed to Drug Rehab re alcohol.

              Souths 2016 Krisiam Avua,a terminated re breaking Drugs policy

              Storm 2017 Jessie Bromich and Kevin Proctor charged snorting Cocaine

              Roosters 2017 Shaun Kenny Dowell charged Cocain Possession.

              Roosters 2017 Paul Carter charged supply Cocaine

              Roosters 2017 Paul Carter charged after falsley alledging Fergo drugged his kids.

              Roosters 2017 Jayden Nikorima terminated failed two drug tests.

              Canberra 2017 Josh Papali charged drink driving

              Souths 2018 Zane Musgrove charged reckless destroyed property

              Souths 2018 Greg Inglis charged drink driving

              Souths 2018 Liam Coleman / Musgrove charged aggravated indecent assult.

              Canberra 2018 Jack Wighton charged Assault


              There are a lot more incidents within the clubs mentioned but i was getting bored giving them oxygen. Point probably made though, glass houses and all that.











        • Agreed, we don't handle pressure at all, so why make those comments, it's just common sense isn't it? As I said previously, not smart.

        • This ^^^^..... can't wait to hear Brissy's reply lol

          • Fine with them giving those answers that Fong has suggested, 100%, but it's all in context. You haven't said what the question was from the journalist/reporter and I have no idea where you got it from, therefore, you simply taking an answer to some random question somewhere and bagging the crap out of the player(s) for saying it is a joke. You've also changed your blog from what you originally posted, which again, not only completely changes the context of what the question may have been, it's completely changed what you originally posted the player(s) said!!!

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