Parra players speak to the media

Why are the players speaking to the media?

Especially what I just heard...."players think they can't win the GF if they finish out of the top 4.

What type of positive thinking is that crap? If anything they've just put more pressure on themselves to beat Tigers.

But what if they don't beat Tigers? Do they change their minds and say they can win from 5th? 

Bloody Hopeless, and it starts from the top!!

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  • Well I guess they would say that!!  If they said otherwise that would be a concern.  Don’t sweat it too much mate, bit of media padding

    • Holy shit, I agree 100%. This mist be a different Benny!!!

      • My doppelgänger 

  • easy answers yes and yes...... have you ever been at the top Analyst?

  • Everyone used to give Mannah heaps about talking to media, it appears some things never change, and for the record our players and coach do not appear overly  bright to continue down this path, in saying that they struggle to get it right off the park as much as on the park.

  • Do you read what you write anulist?.

    "The players think they can win the GF if they finish out of the top 4".

    Then you go on to say,

    "But what if they don't beat the tigers, do they CHANGE THEIR MINDS and say they can win from 5th"

    Bloody hopeless, and it ends with you.

    • Lol, I'm waiting for Analyst's comeback to that one.

    • Lol fcuk you know what I'm saying, google it you Kent.

      • Are you getting your tits in a knot there Analyst?

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