• NEWS: Parramatta Eels are close to securing Reagan Campbell-Gillard for next season with Panthers reportedly paying 25% of his salary for Eels to take him!
    Parramatta Eels are also pursuing Brisbane Broncos forward David Fifita and are set to meet with him in November when officially allowed to negotiate with other clubs!

    • Fafita would be on a massive pay rise for 2020 and I think all those other upgraded contracts for TPJ and the women basher will leave them with little cash for Fafita. Would not surprise me if he became and EEL with RCG and Semi for 2020 given how many players are leaving at the end of the year. If we manage those three signings we could be challenging for a top 4 easily.

  • 25% of his salary. Should be 75% watching him last night he was the worst prop on the field by a long way. 

    • I watched a fair amount of the riffs game last night, not sure how many minutes RCG played but I thought it was very much a mixed bag, there was a degree of hesitancy in his defence on a couple of occassions, but he seemed to be holding off from the tackles and a bit to the side, he was close enough though to get involved if needed as he kept his eyes on the play. He did do some fair defensive work but nothing spectacular though.

      He had a few good runs and made ground in each of them usually needing 3 tacklers to bring him down/stop him.  The big thing that I really noticed though was how often he was in support in the attack moves, but he more often than not was ignored by the ball player with the ball being passed behind him to another support.   I saw that happen several times, thing was that in some of those passes that went away from him, he was in a better position to make ground and on one occassion in a position where a try may have been scored, if not by him but a support player with him.

      If some of the stuff that is being said about him, and the relationship he has within the club, coach and looking like with some of his team mates is on the nose, last nights game and how he played certainly showed a player who is on the outer and has no future their.  That is just my thoughts.

      • My Brother in laws Brother works for the panthers club and every thing you hear is true ..he is not liked by the officials or the players seemingly he is a massive dick and is not wanted there at all.

      • Bingo. Well observed. He is clearly not on Cleary's bus no more. 25%per year is about right Too.


    • You'd know hey.


  • 600k(?) for RCG is very risky but who knows but Fifita would be a massive signing if we can get him next year that would be amazing. 

  • Fifita is worth $800K+. That's what I would pay anyway. The Broncos can't keep all those forwards but he's the 1st one I'd be keeping. Fantastic footwork at the line, strength, he's got it all. He's a superstar and only a kid.


    • Yep! Literally steam rolled Josh McGuire last night for his train which is no easy feet. 

      Seems a lilttle bit cocky and could play up but I doubt it

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