• Let's hope they bust each other up

  • Penrith look like they'll win going away.... let's hope they smash the bunnies 

  • Just when you think sloths look tired, bang walker.

  • I don't know why but I've really begun to dislike Rabbits. Probably my least favourite side in the NRL. Grubs everywhere, constantly getting all the media attention. I hope Penrith beat the hell out of them. 

    • Yeah I've never understood the love for Souths.

      • Their fans are grubs too

        • Their fans constantly ripping it on other teams/fan bases, forgetting if it wasn't for other clubs their club wouldn't exist

  • If we manage to get past the knights tomorrow I think I would rather face the panthers next week rather than souths, we can't seem to match it with souths but are usually in the fight against the panthers. 

    • Same HKF - IF we get past Knights, was hoping for a Souths win for that reason.

  • Surprised they didn't check the Panthers players foot on the deadball line for that first try.

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Parrakeet replied to CarloEEL2's discussion Conflict of interest
"Carlo this is good news for Will Smith.  With Peachey gone he will get more game time so be happy for him. You can follow them as well. You can spread love around I've been doing it for years. "
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Slugg replied to Longfin Eel's discussion Commbank Stadium
"Seth , I've seen it many times. Phill and Don's harmonies were beyond perfection. "
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Coryn Hughes replied to Scott Gregs's discussion RCG not taking his last year to consider move to new Dolphins
"RCG is in the back 9 of his career what if his form falls off the cliff and we are stuck with the big cap hits.Potentially losing RCG is just a unlucky occurrence of which we gave to position ourselves with young undeveloped talent.
Hiw long am I…"
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Parrapowa replied to Scott Gregs's discussion RCG not taking his last year to consider move to new Dolphins
"Coach extension is what I was thinking. I don't like how he and his manager brang this up now. In all seriousness next year is our last chance to win the comp. if we don't then I don't see us Winning one in a long time. "
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