Panthers Top of Table

After the Panthers flogged the Sharks they have now leap frogged the Eels again and sit at the top of the NRL ladder. If the the Eels lose against the Knights on Sunday afternoon they will either remain second or go further down the ladder depending on other games and the for/against percentage. Let's hope the Eels can knock off the Newcastle Knights on Sunday afternoon in Newcastle.

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    • Yeah, they're cooked

    • It's official, Hodgson has done his ACL, and on top of that Bailey Simonsson has done his AC joint in his shoulder, so he's done for 2020 as well.

      See ya in '21 Sticky !!!

  • You know the season is actually going OK when you can calculate that even a loss will leave your team 2nd and maybe 3rd if a 41 points differential is overhauled somehow. 
    Though I've said 4 weeks I a row now that this is the big test!

    • For mine the big test is vs the Storm

      If we can psychologically dispense of them and get that monkey off our backs then I think we may start to truly believe.

      • Agreed. My only query is whether it would be better to grind out a win or to blow them off the park? What's a better finals inspiration? It's not an obvious answer once we admit that saying about finals footy bring very different to the regular season games. 

  • nobody knows where we or any other team will  be come finals time. There has been a lot of injuries to key players and no doubt there will be more. We've been lucky so far and if we stay lucky we might just get the prize we all crave. Where we are now matters but where we are after round 20 is what counts. 

  • Monto. I again admire the profundity of your insights. Fancy that, if we lose Penrith remain on top given they are already on top. That we might slip even further down the ladder if we lose just shows the depth of your genius. 


    • I admire your attention to detail of another's comment or blog title. You remind of another phantom A.T.D. (Attention To Detailer).

  • Not after tomorrow parra bye 16

  • 24 /8 to parra

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