Panthers squad for eels trial match

Panthers (squad): Api Koroisau, Brian To'o, Charlie Staines, Dylan Edwards, Isaah Yeo, James Fisher-Harris, Jarome Luai, J'maine Hopgood, Kurt Capewell, Liam Martin, Matt Burton, Matt Eisenhuth, Moses Leota, Nathan Cleary, Paul Momirovski, Spencer Leniu, Stephen Crichton, Tyrone May, Viliame Kikau



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  • I wonder if Jake Arthur will get any game time.

    Would be nice to see him take Moses spot.


    • Seriously  Scott. 

      • That's an oxymoron BEM....

        • Why does Scott sign off on every post.....after all the post heading has a name in it......can he be banned as a serial waster of space if it happens at say 3 levels?

          1. Signing off.....waste of space

          2. Football opinions.....waste of space

          3. Deliberately trolling certain players......waste of time and space.

          I know you cannot ban him Bem and Monts but you are empowered to remove his posts and blogs......surely a waste of space justifies this......think of all the sensible posters that Dreggsie scares off!

          • Any offensive posts or posts that are obviously done to start trouble, will be and have been deleted.

            There are certain serial pests who are getting the majority of their posts deleted on a daily basis.

            My hope is they get the message and stop it before further action is taken.

            • Highly unlikely 

            • If a person isn’t being directly insulting or abusive to other members and just stating their footy opinion, and the post doesn’t want to be debated or replied to by others, then why isn’t a post just left by others to go through to keeper ?

              • As it should be macy.

                There are no issues with posts like that but there is a big difference between somones opinion and someone saying things intentionally to cause arguments. 

                If someone posts their opinion in a well thought out manner and someone takes exception to it, then the person who takes exception needs to respond in a civil manner or their post gets deleted. 

                • Yep thanks BEM. In this case for eg Scott just seems to be wondering since it’s a trial whether Jakob will get any more game time. Simple.

                  • Macy, the team hasn't even been announced and there's close to zero chance of Jake Arthur playing in it, so why even mention him. When it's announced it's fine to ask questions about the make up and what may or may not occur, nobody has any problem with that whatsoever. But if you've read the majority of posts from this bloke, which is difficult as many have been deleted, then you'll see it wasn't a simple question. It was 100% a shot at Moses. Jake Arthur isn't in the Top 30 and the bloke that posted it should know that, so to suggest he replaces Moses it not only ridiculous, it is impossible. He's a troll, plain and simple and IMO what he said was just what BEM has outlined - done to try and cause arguments, just like he has in the past many, many times.

This reply was deleted.

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