Our Pack vs Manly

If Paulo is rested, Evans, Kaufusi, Stone are injured and let's say Stefano is hooked for covid breach, Waqa gets a week for great hit on the protected species, who we going to have fill the gaps?

8. RCG

9. Mahoney

10. Alvaro

11. Lane

12. Matterson

13. Cyborg

14. Niukore

15. Terepo

16. Gower

17. Davey

4. Takairangi / Salmon

7. Moses/ Field

I guess there are plenty of What if's & maybe's with Moses and Waqa, 

What are your thoughts against Manly who are shite lately.

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  • Oh boy are we on some trouble with our middle forwards

    Paulo, Evans, Terepo, Kaufusi, Stone, and Stefano all potentially out.


    Id go

    8 - RCG

    9 - Mahoney

    10 - Niukore

    11 - Lane

    12 - Matterson

    13 - Brown


    14 - Taka

    15 - Alvaro

    16 - Gower

    17 - anyone (they might not play any minutes)

    • Think you might be bang on, Andrew Davey hopefully gets a bench spot.

      • Widders - there is also Makatoa who did well during 9's, got nrl experience, maybe he not in top 30 tho?

        Aug 3 is deadline to purchase... should we ? And if so, Who?

        • Yeah well I don't really watch much bulldog games, there's 1 particular player who I think really tries his hardest IMO and that's that Raymond Faitala-Mariner, for the right $$$ I think he would be a handy addition under BA and with our forward pack surrounding him but saying that I think we have a nice balanced team atm.

        • We could go for both Canterbury players that were suspended. 

          • Other clubs like the raiders and warriors have shown strong interest and are prepared to pay overs I don't either are a  good fit 

  • Nitram - I like Niukore on Bench as he 'brings the fire and leg drive , otherwise a dour bench.

    Alvaro has a diesel motor so can go long minutes if required buuuut so god dam slow :( 

    • I like Niukore on the bench too. My line up above is if 5-6 "middles" are out.

  • 8. RCG

    9. Mahoney

    10. xxxxx Nickore.......Paulo will play

    11. Lane

    12. Matterson

    13. Cyborg

    14. xxxxx Taka

    15. xxxxx Alvaro........Evans if he makes it through

    16. Gower/ Nickore

    17. Terepo/Davey.......Stephano if he makes it through.


    Pretty sure they won't risk Moses.

    • Who would you have come in for Waqar if he gets a ban poppa, taka, Rankins or hunster? I think taka personally

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