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  • 3 Cordner

    2 Tedesco

    1 Cook

    • Cordner? What game were you watching? He was average at best all series.

      • Cordner was dogshit. The look on the man’s face tells you he knew he didn’t play well. 

      • Clitorian, watch the game again minus 20 woodstocks. Cordner aimed up all night, bent the defense line, got belted, rinse and repeat. Absolute Captains effort

  • 3) Tedesco 

    2) Fergo 

    1) Pearce 

    • Pearce! You are joking Nick? I didnt think Pearce was that good and I actually thought he was a liability!

      • Pearce threw the cut out pass that put us in the space that led to the winning try and that's just the finishing touch on a fine game that he played.
        Just another example of your endless negativity and prejudicial thinking, Monto. If Cleary plays we probably lose that game!
        He has very little creativity in his game. I think we've all been so impressed with Cleary's early maturity, great defence and level headedness that we've ignored his ordinary attaking skill. He was competent in last year's series and also in the half of this season's series that he played but I really don't think he has developed a great deal in the last 12 months. Pearce deserved to be picked and played very well even if I don't put him in our top 3.

        3 Teddy
        2 Cook
        1 Fergo

        • Your entitled to your opinion Mr. Alan David Reid as I am mine. Your comment towards my comment IS negative and prejudicial Mr. Alan David Reid but I suppose with ALL your excitement and anticipation of jumping on the bandwagon and criticizing my comment you didn't consider your own. In my opinion Pearce was a liability and just because he threw one good pass that led to a try means zip! 

          • Keep it up Monto, EVERYONE thought you were are wanker, now they know for sure.

            • It's good to be popular Wonka! It's truly amazing that when you see things differently to others that your actually hated for it! So much for Democracy and freedom of thought and speech. What an absolute joke.

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