• That's hilarious. What a joke

  • On 2 October 2021, Ogden was arrested by NSW Police for alleged drug possession. The matter was then referred onto the NRL Integrity Unit.[9]

    • Yep. More likely to be playing for Longbay than Parra.

      • A minor drug possession charge is hardly prison time.

      • Manu Ma'u did a lot worse but he turned out ok for us.

        • That's the point BA took a raw Manu Ma'u and turned him into an international player who represented NZ and Tonga.A year out of a jail cell he beat out young bull cough supposedly Kelepi Tainganoa.Out worked him was tougher than him and gave us many a good season.

          And when it was time to leave he thanked Parra and even though he had deals from other teams stayed loyal turned them away and went and played in the SL in the U K.

          • Spot on Coryn. I was fortunate enough to talk to Manu while watching a Reggies game at Ringrose Oval shortly after he signed with SL in the UK. Manu expressed his very real disappointment that he had to leave Parramatta as he had a genuine love for the club and said he believed it was "his family forever club". We spoke about how important it was to be given a second chance "to make good an opportunity God given".

            I told him, how proud I was to hear him speak of the young men who he is now able to encourage to make better choices than we had both made when younger. He acknowledge the role that Jesus played in turning his life around from being a tough guy to mentoring young men who looked up to you for the wrong reasons and I shared some very similar experiences in great detail that I'd had 40 years earlier myself. He spoke softly with a real humility and gratitude that I had approached him to acknowledge his good works and to encourage him to continue to mentor young men who needed to hear that message from someone like him.

            As I wished him and his family well for their future in the UK it was clear that his face had softened and I thanked him again for his bold confession. He thanked me for my testimony, that he said was very encouraging for him. I reckon If Manu Mau was told that Ofahiki Ogden was heading for Parramatta under the mentoring of BA? He would have a big warm smile on his face.    

            • Nice story, certainly one of my favoutie eels players. Loved the way he played the game. Was a shame to see him leave.

            • Great story Rowdy unlike yourself I never got to meet this guy but I had a very close friend who played along side him for the NZ residents 13 here in NZ before he went to prison.

              He mentioned too me even back then he was miles to good for that team and thee NRL beckoned.The rest is history now hazard to say he was a gun player for us.I also recall Jonathan Thurston mentioned he was one of the toughest scariest players he ever played against.

  • On the surface it doesn't seem very inspiring but with BA's track record of turning troubled and sub par players into good first graders it could turn out to be better than it appears. 

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