first post - be gentle.

Watched Easts v Melbourne and was wondering about why storm players not part of the play the ball draging back easts player, that were part of the tackle, out of position and it's not being pull up. They walk off the mark repeatedly (easts also culprits) which puts the markers not squared -enter Grant/Hughes/Papps. they then begin to roll down the field. 6 again rule not used for slowing down the ruck, hand on ball when rising.

I know it's storm and the powers that be need permission from storm to use their backbone, so aside from that. What does the rules say?

SECTION 15 PLAYER’S MISCONDUCT (j) deliberately obstructs an opponent who is not in possession.

Is there a member who can clarify why this is allowed? should one start a petition for justification. oh and Kafusi is playing and typically playing dirty.

Now Canberra..

Papa runs better lines and better post contact than Matto did so not too concerned there. Lane needs to be drop kicked from the 17. Marata takes his spot. Does Rankin fit the bill as center - good reader of the game but can he defend there.  

probably my first and last post hence the multiple subjects.

J Papalii wins a tight one with a crash over try. the blokes a two legged buffalo

until Saturday. oh been an eel fan since 82'

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  • 8801263680?profile=RESIZE_930x

    Welcome aboard PE!, great name, good first blog, heres an avatar for you of your namesake.

    Bellamy knows how to exploit the rules until they catch up with him, then he finds something else, rinse repeat.


    • Can't tell if that been in the mouth or just come back out....

      • Good Blog PE, you will know your a real success when people are still awake by the end. I have been known to write blogs where they closed the site down for 48 hours because they thought everyone had sleep sickness!.

  • Good on ya Pickled Eel. If you want to fit in around here, the best bet is to bag the Storm or anything remotely related to them. Good job.

    • I thought they lost their way a bit since the hypnotist finally quit, geez what an attention seeking ________ he really is.

      but as the beetles sang it "with a little help from my friends" .. shit just read through the lyrics hmm.. somewhat on point.

      • Beatles

        • Yes Beatles, you are not getting away with that Kram, we all know your old enough to remember them.......Christ Tragic remembers Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Macdonald. 

          Personally I remember Eddie Cantor .....but Sir Col reckons he can remember Moses singing in the Rain!

          • Lol, love The Beatles mate. There are really only 3 big days of remembrance on my calendar - 25th April (obviously), 29th November and 8th December :)

            Tragic's a tragic!!

            Cols a Zep man - you gotta respect that :)))

            • one of the best Beatles cover bands I've seen was at the country road bar in Bangkok. played each night. there was this british expat who'd get up and sing a couple, pretty good until he got plastered and started doing Oasis. Couple of sharks at the pool tables but didn't mind getting thrashed when they also did runners for rounds.

              have you been there Kram? 

              • Never been there mate - don't have alot of Bangkok experience.

                The Beatnix were a great Beatles cover band back when I was a young bloke - I think they're still going...

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