NRLW Eels, how excited are we all to see how it goes?

Is there general excitement for the Eels to be in NRLW? i can say myself over the years i have watched a few NRLW games, honestly it is fine though i would not say i am a massive fan, but same as im not a massive fan of watching QLD cup footy, or Ron Massey, i am interested in NSW cup due to Wenty in past and other teams that effect their position for example. Do not take it as sexist, just the season is short and by the time the season starts the main NRL season is nearing the end and i am more focused on wanting to watch the end of the season for finals. Though the quality has ramp up more and more as the years and amount of games and opportunities have arisen

Though, now Parramatta have entered a team then i will be interested in seeing how we go, they will be the game before first grade in round 1 so there will be buzz around the stadium for a start of a new season anyway but it will good for the ladies and hopefully pick up a win. Has Parramatta adding a NRLW team added excitement? or have your interest in NRLW dropped or is it exactly the same.

Though i probably will not be watching much of the NRLW unless Parramatta are playing, having them start the year before the men is perhaps the kind of kick into gear the competition needs to gain more interest quicker, it is a league that is getting more attention each year, but since this will be the only actual footy on for a few weeks it could be a good outcome for the code. No matter what age group or team or competition, if there is a team named Parramatta Eels then every Parramatta will be watching hoping for a win.

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                • Quick bump of super stating clearly that RL is all about politics.

                  Nek minute, banning any blog that resembles politics and claiming that politics has no place on a RL forum lol

                  Which one is it going to be sup lol?

          • Snakey, how did you get all the pictures in the one frame.....the new system seem's to only allow one?

            PS not a lot of shape in those legs, the first lot anyway, definately "love is in the air" in that final shot with Bobbie, Carol, Teddie and Alice. Lol

            PS again, serious question, do women wear jock straps or boxes?

            PS has Carol got a strap on under her shorts? there is a definite line there! Maybe Alice as well......I suppose there are different positions in AFL ....putters and takers Lol

            PS Not that there is anything wrong with any of this!

            • Pops you just put a pic in the box, load it up so you can see it, then jump down to under the pic and load another one, repeat.

              Nice to see youve been an improved poster in the last few weeks, i cautiously say keep up the good work for what its worth.

              • Almost everyone has a different opinion and so Snake I fear from your last paragraph comment that Poppa's attempts at reconciliation will sadly be tested . 

                • And with respect Snake , Poppa does not deserve patronising comments. No one is perfect or even correct / right all the time . 

                  • It was patronising Driza but I will give him the benefit of not meaning it as such, especially because of the light hearted nature of the blog.

                    • Your call of course . 

                    • lol

  • I'm a bit 'meh'... I'll have a watch, reserve judgement for now and see.

    Did watch part of an AFLW game on Sat (no idea why, it was just what was on when channel hopping - Weagles v Crows)... watched about 15 mins... wow... quite possibly the shittest sporting spectacle I've seen in years. You could have grabbed a bunch of 15 yo boys from the crowd who have never even kicked an AFL ball in their life and they would have flogged them.

    The PC / woke / easily offended / feelings > facts brigade would have you believe a 30 yo Magna is the same as a new Porsche 911 GT3 RS... because after all, they are both cars, probably have some type of vehicular feelings and we should be diverse & inclusive. Get farked - one is a heap of shit and the other is a Porsche. I'll give NRLW a try but I'm not inteterested in being told to pretend it's a Porsche if it's in fact an old Magna.

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