NRL set to shake-up Golden Point system

The NRL are set to introduce a massive shake-up to the golden point system, with losing teams to be compensated and not walk away empty handed.

According to Nine's NRL reporter Danny Weidler, NRL coaches have been informed of the potential changes to the sudden death format with a points restructure on the cards.

Golden point has been subject of many talking points over the past few seasons with clubs and fans questioning whether it's fair for the victor of the period to walk away with the two-premiership points.

Gus Gould earlier this year spoke on his displeasure of the system and how he was left dissatisfied, wanting the loser to not walk away empty handed 

"I'm not [a fan] and I'm loving it less and less," Gould said on the Six Tackles with Gus podcast.


"I saw three games on the weekend where there didn't deserve to be a loser; where the loser deserved something.

"But nowadays, with the competition so close and the fact that we're going to have more and more [close games] … the games are refereed to be close. The way the game is played, these are always going to be close. You're going to get those games that are 6-0, 6-all, 12-0, 12-all; let's get down to a shootout.

"I'm over it. I think a draw's a draw and you've just got to leave it at that."

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Under the current system, golden point consists of two five-minute halves with the very first score deciding the victor who takes away the two premiership points. 

If neither side is able to score any points, the match ends in a draw with one premiership point going to both teams.

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  • only way this can happen is if they change it from 2 points to 3 points for a win.

    • Golden point should become golden try or if continues as golden point than defeated team needs one right of reply. Points should be allocated 2 points to winner and 1 point for loser.


  • Not a bad idea. I think it’s essential to play two 5 minute halves regardless. If someone scores the other team should be given a right to reply. Golden point losses for zero points is demoralising for players and fans.

  • I've been saying all along that it should be 4 points for a win in normal time. If you win in golden point you get 3 and loser gets 1. This way every game has a total of 4 points allocated. If a game goes all the way and ends in a dram, then its 2 points each.

  • For once I disagree with Gus. I'm going to go against the grain here, but I love Golden Point, and I love that the winner takes all. Why should you get anything for losing ?

    • The point is, no one lost at full time Brett.  It was a draw.  Both teams deserve a point.  Plain and simple instead of the rubbish we currently see.


  • Just OMG.  What is wrong with two teams that fought out a hard earned draw taking away a point each?  Might aswell toss a coin at the end of the game Todd. As for the players who already have a massively long season, do they need this rubbish.  Back to basics Todd.

  • Golden try is the solution.


    • I agree. Also if you kick a penalty or fg then you must kick off during extra time.

  • Well that fucks us over because we never make golden point and teams like the sharks, panthers, tigers and raiders will be cheering 

This reply was deleted.

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