NRL Grand Final 2020

West Tigers fan group has just posted best wishes to the Panthers.  Now that brought a tear to my eye.   Ivan Cleary admitted for first time the other day how much stress this caused him and his family last year.   I hope this is the beginning of healing on both sides. 

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  • Rather see the feud continue so we see a bit of Biff *NEXT YEAR*sigh*

    Then again all clubs should be barracking for ANY team except the Storm imo.

  • I'm confused. So is he on the bus or off it? Where is the bus anyway?

    Ah screw them both. Bunch of cats anyway.


    • The way its playing out i think his driving the bus by remote.

  • Who cares?


    • The Pennies?

      • Exactly Col.

        I hate Penrith and I hate Melbourne. I hate the Wests Tigers as well. I couldn't give a flying about whether some dopey inbred looking coach from one of those clubs  has kissed and made up with the cork soakers from the previous shit club he was employed at.

        I'm looking forward to the GF for one reason only; One of those low life clubs will be getting beat and I will be focusing on their pain and disappointment and will take much comfort from the fact that they may as well not have bothered. As for the winners - I'll be paying them no attention whatsoever. I will be going to bed that night comfoted by the fact that at that very moment one club and it's supporters will be wollowing in a bottomless pit of disappointment. I will sleep well and have wonderful dreams.

        THIS is a good, healthy hatred :)

        Go Parra :)


        • I hate olives 

        • Kram no such thing as healthy hatred.  I have watched GF all my life regardless of who is playing.  Hatred just makes you bitter. I don't mind most teams. I can assure you if Panthers loose they will be grateful to have made it to big dance and will have experience for  next year. With success comes jealousy and hate. I  even respect the Storm now as they are the benchmark. 

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