NRL admit to making 3 wrong calls

NRL admits three wrong calls cost Parramatta in loss to Broncos

NRL referees boss Bernard Sutton has confirmed in a private chat with coach Brad Arthur that three crucial calls went against the Eels, including a howler at the death.

Broncos skipper Darius Boyd was not penalised for pushing Clint Gutherson into Matt Lodge as Gutherson tried to charge down Jamayne Isaako’s match- winning field goal.

On Monday night, Sutton said that was a blunder.

“I’m of the opinion that the Eels should have been awarded a penalty,” Sutton said.

 “Darius is entitled to take up the position he initially moves to.

“However, he is not permitted to then adjust his position to obstruct or interfere with Clint Gutherson. Darius is required to hold his ground.”

Stream the 2019 NRL Telstra Premiership on KAYO SPORTS. Every game of every round Live & On-Demand on your TV, computer, mobile or tablet. Get your 14 day free tReferees boss Bernard Sutton concedes Darius Boyd should have been penalised for blocking Clint Gutherson. Picture: Fox Sports

Although it received little attention from the commentators on the night, there was outrage among the Eels’ faithful that such a crucial and obvious call could be missed when the pocket referee was standing right near the incident.

With the end-of- season finals just around the corner, it has again exposed how the rules become a lottery in extra-time.

But Graham Annesley, the NRL’s head of football, denied this was the case and claimed players were more conscious of giving away penalties during golden po

What makes it more concerning is that this is the same situation that the NRL cracked down on in 2016 to stop teams deliberately standing in the way of chasing defenders who are trying to charge down field goals.

Arthur was also apparently told that Brisbane’s David Fifita should have been penalised in the lead-up play when he ran behind teammates before making a charge to get his side in position to kick the field goal.

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Even though that would have been a tough call against the Broncos, it was an almost identical scenario Mitchell Moses had been pinged for in the 32nd minute.

And in a triple whammy, it is understood Sutton also told Arthur that the forward pass decision which cost Blake Ferguson a try was also wrong.

The NRL conceded this pass from Clint Gutherson was incorrectly ruled as forward, denying Blake Ferguson a try. Picture: Fox SportsThe NRL conceded this pass from Clint Gutherson was incorrectly ruled as forward, denying Blake Ferguson a try. Picture: Fox Sports

Annesley confirmed the wrong call on Monday.

“The pass looked OK to me,” he said.

“It’s one of those long, looping passes which often are a bit of an optical illusion but the most important thing is how it comes out of the hands … even though it was a high, looping pass it came out of the hands OK.”

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  • Means nothing now

    • Means this habit of unconscious bias against us needs to change

      enough is enough

      • I agree but .. it’s only the Eels so they will just move on. 

  • Sorry ain’t enough

    We need to start getting a fair go from the referees. 

  • Excellent timing, we may get the rub of the green next few games.

  • And just a day after Annesley appeared on Fox Sports saying the Boyd obstruction call was correct!!!

    Have the NRL got any idea? They are completely useless.

    Sack Annesley, sack Greenberg. Surely the time has come.

  • I know every team cops bad decisions, but gee we don't seem to win many because of favourable refereeing - we do lose quite a few that way though.

    Not sure why we seem to continually cop these bad decisions - Parra have played to the rules all season, and have played in the spirit of the game. Surely the NRL would want that from every team, yet it seems that those clubs who play on the very edge of the rules are the ones who reap the benefits.

  • Wouldn't have anything to do with Channel 9 wanting the horses in the finals

    • If the media are dictating how games are refereed, the game is in a bigger mess than we all thought!

      • It would literally result in prison time if proven. I highly doubt this is the case. In my opinion it's more likely the refs subconsciously go into games with preconceived ideas and referee accordingly. They might not even fully realise they are doing it. Unfortunately we have been down for so long it's hard to get the refs on side now.

This reply was deleted.

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