NRL 360 yet again

This show never stops to impress . After last weeks bullshit with sticky now the panlists are blowing up over Ponga and Mann getting tested .  Cmon everybody knows what was going on ......

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  • Do we though? 
    Why do we think it was drugs? 
    Millie Boyle and Elliot were not doing driugs in the toilet! 
    No judgement if they wanted a private moment together. 

  • This is outrageous, what happened to the good old days when you could suck off a mate in the toilets without it becoming a public incident. 

  • Fair point Kurupt lol says what's up to the Dogg pound 😂😂

  • As long as it's not parra 

  • I'm rapidly going off NRL 360. Last night they spoke about nothing but the Ponga thing for the first 30 minutes. I thought, give it a rest, maybe talk about footy maybe? Then James Graham and Corey Parker came on, and started the whole thing off again. I switched it off at that point. Are you saying they were at it AGAIN tonight? Just as well I gave it a wide berth. I usually have it on while I'm making dinner, back to NRL Tonight I think from here on in.

    • Unfortunately yes BringBackSemi . I guess partly my fault as Ive written a few Blogs on that show . Maybe I need to get professional help as I continue to watch it ... By the way like your Handle ... would love the flying fijian back at our club but we can't afford him now 😂😂🙏🏾

      • Was my favourite player hands down.

    • They just move the drama and drama brings stories 

      • Exactly don't watch it is my suggestion.

        I stopped watching all Fox and ch 9 footy related shows around when that QLD show started and the one hosted by all women. Nothing against women, but there were just too many bloody shows and Ikin and Kent are just Egotesticle farks. I realise Ikin is gone, but nah...can't do the shitty footy shows anymore. Life's too short for that rubbish.

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