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Buzz saying on NRL 360 that the club is going to move Gutho into the halves possibly this week, Blaize into Flb. 

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  • The Horror....Turbo running at Blaze 

    • Said they want to try reduce the work load on Gutho which makes sense. Worth a shot trying Blaize at flb maybe he can spark something.

    • I do not like the idea of Blaize learning to be a Fullback in FG. But we have no other option.

      • Yeah other then Asi or Sean russelll maybe Bailey don't have many options. Blaize probably has most upside of that group 

        • Blaize has more upside definately. But he is learning the position, not only that but learning to play NRL also and needs to do it in a team that badly needs a win. That is a massive burden for the kid. I will say if BA does it, it is ballsy and give him credit. Would rather him do this and try than keep it as is and go down keeping the same.
          As Kent said, if it ain't broke, break it that's what he should do. I would respect him more going "you know what, yeah these boys aren't doing the trick a few of you are in Cup" Bring in Greig, Sivo, Hands even debut Matt Arthur who is a talented kid off the bench. Diifference between Sanders, Talagi and him is off the bench he will play limited mins and eye wont be on him as the saviour.

    • If Sanders doesn't play then I hope Blaize doesn't go back to no.6. The halves were terrible against Canberra. 
      You'd have to try Gutho in no.6 and Blaize at fullback.

      My other concern is the hooker position. We have the worst dummy half in the competition. Something needs to be done ASAP. Lussick is not the answer. He is definitely not NRL standard, let alone an 80min player.

  • Buzz is the only one on the put BA under the microscope bandwagon. Is Kent BA's lovechild? Just can't get over the soft treatment he gets from these guys.

    Gutho spent most of off season in rehab. We're in rd 7 and his knees are gone, so yeh, needs to be moved.

  • Kent went on to say he doesn't agree with sacking BA, but since he has been there so long he has got comfortable so he should start ruffling some feathers. I sort of agree with Kent in the sense of BA should go out fighting, but the issue lies in his tactics too in that it is so outdated and has not shown change, why has it taken him so long to ruffle feathers? Him being there too long is the issue now, he will not win a comp while at Parramatta, not saying he wont ever in his coaching career but the constant issues that keep reappearing in his teams year in year out, particularly in defence, show he cannot adapt. Ruffling feathers would be bringing in known assistants and giving up being defensive coach. If he cannot change the squad to play without Moses how will he change the way we play in the next few weeks? Tallis agreed not to sack BA, but to Tallis no coach should be sacked but praises them when their team does well just asinine. 

    Kent is a coach flag barrer mainly from his friendship with Ricky Stuart. It would make sense if he defends BA incase say Stuart is under the pump and defends him and doesnt get calls of "Just cause he is your mate" he can say i defended Arthur. But he said teams sack coaches and get someone worse and go backwards, Bennett is better than BA will ever be, Rothfield brought that up and Kent quickly brushed it off, it is true.

    I just think why not ruffle feathers earlier? I agree that the junior system being madness is not on him, i agree with that. But FG he has not adapted. They mention being reliant on Moses, but our forward pack is world class, Brown and Gutho on big coin no excuse. Kent actually disappointed me as i agree with him a fair bit, this case he was soft and though i agree ruffling feathers should be done his theory of bringing in a coach worse, well if we finish bottom 4 does it matter? Like they even gave Adam O'Brien a repreive, he should have been gone last year if not for a fluke, the way he has coached Newcastle before Ponga injury has been atrocious and the flip flopping of halves has been worse.

    Coach protectors to get interviews.

    • I did notice when buzz brang up Bennett he changed his tune but 🤣

      • Kent practically was like well that is Wayne but you cannot compare. But we can Kent, you said bring in a worse coach, but we would be bringing in a better coach.

        If BA ruffles feathers and no results change, i wonder if Kent would still support him. Don't care about Tallis' opinion, the bloke would defend Adolf Hitler if he in the past praised Queensland.

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