North Queensland Fan Goes Into Meltdown

I was watching YouTube tonight after the game and this guy called Nick From Australia (NQ Fan) said before the game that NQ would win, Parramatta didn't really stand a chance.  The week earlier he said Canberra would belt us.  After the game tonight he said NQ losing was "the biggest robbery in preliminary final history" and he claims there is a conspiracy from the NRL to stop them from winning a premiership.  Thoughts??

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  • Meh , sounds like your typical 1EE thread . 

    • Exactly my thoughts 😂

  • He's obviously tropo from the heat 

    • He is from Lismore actually, born and raised there but goes for NQ.  He also hates QLD though in Origin and supports NSW.  Weird I know.

    • I thought this was a blog about you. Huh. 
      ... suprised you're back.

  • How does he fit all his shit in that caravan ?  The pass was forward but they had a heap of tackles inside the eels  20 in both halves and were leading 20 - 12  , the eels defence when it mattered most repelled the best the cowboys could come up with . 


    This is brilliant, these lads should join 1EE, they look like they'd fit in great here.

  • Please find below some screen shots of the actual pass. 




    • lol it was 1.5 m forward

    • Do you remember the try Melbourne scored against us in week 1 2017 finals?.  That is the worst forward pass try I have ever seen.  We lost that game 18-16 mind.

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"Bit ironic for Smith to be dishing up advice like that. That 2001 GF side melted like few other favourites ever have. Still, he's obviously very qualified to give the opinion and I enjoyed the read. "
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Go boys , kill!!!!
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