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  • Corey Should worry about pulling his own finger out before telling others to do so , least Hayne has stood up in big games unlike Corey .

    • I got to agree with you Fong. Norman is the class clown.

  • Corey telling someone to pull their finger out is like Pop's questioning people's morals , laughable to the extreme. 

  • Maybe Dozey Norms thinks Parra have dragged Hoppa Senior out of retirement?


    If Jarryd has his finger in his ass, Coreys surely got his whole fist and forearm in his own.

    Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, wake up to yourself Corey you dope.

    • X a billion trillion !!!!

    • yes very silly dope is Borey Doorman

    • Post of the year...perfecto!

      Maybe just player banter but crikeys he is goofy! 

  • Not a good sign, if Hayne reads Norman’s comments could be some cause of friction which is really unnecessary. Hayne has enough things to think about without Norman opening his big trap.

    • X a billion stupid friggin goose

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