No Smith, No Munster, no worries.

Roosters have no answers tonight, Storm relentless despite thier two best missing. How will the Eels go next week? Anybody starting to get nervous? Will be our biggest test this year, full strength against depleted Storm.If we win they will say Storm were under strength, if we lose it is a huge blow psychologically and our hopes for minor premiership dashed.

BTW .I FKN hate the Storm more than any other team.

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  • Yeah gees they are looking good aren't they?

    1 error in first 16 sets.

    Well let's see what we got next week - surely we don't need a psychologist to get up for that game.

  • I want us to be offside on all 40 of their sets next week . Challenge the referee all game. But above all pressure and absolutely belt their playmakers.

    •  Works for them. Always offside. 

  • I realise how much I Feking hate the Storm, when I am getting emotionally involved with the Roosters getting back in this game and I think the Rorters are cap cheating scum. 

    Hate, hate, hate the Storm, but how professional are they, so well coached, again hate the Storm

    • Lol that's what I was thinking 


    • 795412655?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • Yes I feel dirty cheering on Easts, but I could never cheer on Melbourne!

  • their left side attack against our right side defence is making me cry. 
    how slow are the play the balls in this game.

    • Roosters just haven't showed up and it's practically a home game. I can't believe Tigers let Papenhuzen? go.  The fact that they changed halfback and need Money Bill perhaps all not too well. For premiers this is embarrassing. I think Tedesco is a fair weathered player. Usually chimes in second half when defence tired or haven't showed up and typical Italian dances and prances all over the place not that there's anything wrong with that on dance floor. 

      • Paps was never going to stay at the Tigers. They didn't lose him. He was never going to resign. 

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